26 Practical Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants

Putting some plants next to the window is the way to maintain indoor plants. They need sun exposure to grow well. In case the number of plants is increasing, gardening with window plant shelf ideas might help to have more plants in one place.

Having a plant shelf next to the window will help you to have more plants and be neat with the garden. The dirt and spoiling might be only in one spot and easy to clean later. It’s aesthetic too, especially with the flower. Here are some popular styles of window shelves for plants.

26 Practical Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants

1. Top grid rack

Top grid rack

At the top of the window frame, it’s possible to have an extended rack. This kitchen window plant shelf idea is popular because it’s light and easy to install. This shelf allows you to put some mini pots.

2. Glass shelf

Glass shelf

The glass might be a fragile material, but it’s elegant to have as window plant shelf ideas. The shelf is easy to clean and you can notice the spoiling. The suitable plant is succulent.

3. Hanging stem

Hanging stem

The hanging stem is aesthetic and you can DIY it at home. Find a strong stem since it will be the main hanger to put hanging pots. Then, hang some small pots on it.

4. Hanging shelf

Hanging shelf

Hanging shelves are the most popular style of window plant shelf ideas. It can have more than one tier, then hang the shelf on the window. It can display plants and decoration stuff.

5. Ladder shelf style

Ladder shelf style

The ladder style will give the window additional value since it has dimension. Every tier is the place to put the pots or baskets of plants.

6. Huge hanging shelf

Huge hanging shelf

This style is only suitable for a grand window. The frame can be the bottom and more layers are hanging to place some small and medium sizes of pots.

7. Single top shelf

Single top shelf

A single top shelf is a mini space at the top of the window frame. This is a popular option of window plant shelf ideas if you want to maximize the function of the window.

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8. Simple glass flat

Simple glass flat

A glass flat can be a shelf for the plants on the window. But, you have to make sure that it’s strong enough to hold the pots. The holder should be from metal material.

9. Mini floating glass

Mini floating glass

Mini floating glass is the perfect option for window plant shelf ideas if the window size is small. You might only be able to put one or two pots in a layer.

10. Compact shelf

Compact shelf

The compact shelf is strong enough to hold some pots. It’s similar to the extended part of the window. Usually, it’s from wood material like the window frame.

11. Mini garden on hanging shelf

Mini garden on hanging shelf

Having a mini garden indoors is possible. A hanging shelf next to the window can hold simple dripping foliage plants. It gives a green accent to the room.

12. Tiny hanging shelf

Tiny hanging shelf

A tiny hanging shelf is a simple option. A DIY for this style is practical. You only need one lay flat to hang on the window, then place the plants there.

13. Double-tier shelf

Double-tier shelf

This shelf will allow you to have some pots next to the window. Double tiers can have different sizes of lay-flat to have different sizes of plants.

14. Side window frame

Side window frame

The side window frame won’t be exactly on the window. This option is maximizing the function of the window itself, so the plants won’t obstruct the sighting outside.

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15. Tiny holders

Tiny holders

Tiny holders will give you space to put one pot in each holder. The position is at the side frame of the window. Usually, it’s from metal since the material is strong.

16. Trellis style

Trellis style

Trellis style is one of the classic window plant shelf ideas. It’s made from rattan or bamboo to give a natural touch as a plant shelf. It’s strong and durable as well.

17. Acrylic shelf

Acrylic shelf

Acrylic sounds better than glass shelves because it’s not as fragile as glass. The shelf can carry medium size pots and plants. Acrylic is cheaper to get at the market.

18. Minimalist garden concept

Minimalist garden concept

This style isn’t only putting a shelf on the window, but also putting vine plants at the top of the window frame. It looks like a mini garden.

19. Hanging planter shelf

Hanging planter shelf

Hanging planter shelves are quite popular these days. It’s a vertical garden with wire to carry the pots. It holds more than a pot for one vertical hanging planter.

20. Mini rack

Mini rack

It looks like a shoe rack, but it’s perfect to place some plants on it. The place to put it in the bottom frame of the window. It’s also easy to move once it’s dirty.

21. Hanging planter shelf with a hole

Hanging planter shelf with a hole

This planter is available at the market, yet it’s easy to perform DIY for this. The planters have some holes to put the pot in, so the pot won’t easily fall to the ground.

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22. DIY hanging shelf

DIY hanging shelf

This DIY hanging shelf is easy to create. The materials are only a rope, plywood, and two plastic hooks for the ceiling. You can put up to three mini pots on the flat.

23. Vertical hanging shelf

Vertical hanging shelf

This vertical hanging self is part of vertical gardening. It’s popular to save space and cost. The rope is hooked to the pot. One vertical can hold up to five pots at once.

24. Portable vertical shelf

Portable vertical shelf

This portable vertical shelf is similar to a general shelf. It can be one of the window plant shelf ideas by putting next to the window. You can DIY with a wood pallet or PVC pipe.

25. Minimalist wood shelf

Minimalist wood shelf

This is an extended shelf for the window and special for mini pots such as succulents to display. It’s perfect for small or single windows.

26. Windowsill shelf

Windowsill shelf

It’s an extended style at the bottom frame of the window. It’s a removable shelf and easy to create by DIY. Put a medium pot or planter on the shelf to make it look bold.

Window plant shelf ideas improve the aesthetic garden in your house. Putting the plants next to the window means maintaining them easily without bringing them outside for the sunlight during the day.

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