11 DIY Cheap Fence Ideas for Your Garden or Privacy

Do you think your current backyard fence doesn’t provide enough privacy? To keep your backyard or garden away from prying eyes, you need to add additional material to your current fence. There are fence covering ideas you can apply for this purpose.

Fences and fence covers are available at a wide range of prices. Some fences are affordable yet effective in protecting your privacy. Therefore, you do not need to spend too much money to install the privacy fence. You can also make the fence by yourself if you love doing DIY projects.

11 Affordable DIY Fence and Fence Covering Ideas

Having a privacy fence can give you some advantages. It is not only protecting your privacy but also covering unattractive buildings outside of your view.

Therefore, you don’t need to see them when you are in the garden. Below are 11 DIY fence and fence covering ideas that may suit your fencing needs.

1. Bamboo Panel Fence

Bamboo Panel Fence

The bamboo panel fence is tall and compact. Therefore, it can keep your garden away from prying eyes. In addition, having a bamboo pole fence will make your garden look exotic.

This fence has excellent durability and can last for years. It will last even longer if you paint it with a protective coating. The bamboo panel fence is more affordable than the wood panel fence.

You can install the bamboo panel as a fence or as a fence cover. The latter is ideal for you who already have a fence. If you want to make a DIY bamboo fence, you need to create raft-like bamboo panels before installing them into a fence.

2. Wood Pallet Fence

Wood Pallet Fence

The wood pallet fence is one of the cheap fence covering ideas that you can install easily. You don’t need much money to have this fence because you can purchase wood pallets at an affordable price.

In addition, installing a wood pallet fence does not require hard work and energy. You only need to arrange them in line and bolt one pallet to another.

You may need to ensure that the pallet fence will not fall. For this purpose, you can use some wooden posts to ensure its sturdiness. If you use the wood pallets as fence covers, then you can secure them to your current fence to prevent them from falling.

3. Horizontal Slatted Screen

Horizontal Slatted Screen

Other popular fence covering ideas are slatted screens. The screens are available in two choices, i.e., horizontal and vertical slatted screens. Both are functional, affordable, and able to protect your privacy effectively.

However, installing the horizontal slatted screen in your garden will give you extra advantages. It allows you to hang garden decorations and planters and grow trailing plants.

Creating and installing horizontal slatted screens is easy if you have the equipment and materials. You can get the wood slats and posts easily in stores.

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4. DIY Lattice Screen

DIY Lattice Screen

One of the excellent fence covering ideas that you must consider is the lattice screens. Many people have installed the screens on their chain link fences to protect their privacy.

They like the fencing screens because the panels protect their privacy effectively. Moreover, they like the panels because the screens cover the boring chain link fence and make the garden look attractive.

5. Chain Link Fence with Climbing Plants

Chain Link Fence with Climbing Plants

One of the most affordable chain link fence covering ideas is growing climbing plants on the fence. By adopting this idea, you don’t need to spend lots of money on fence covers.

However, you must be patient in waiting for the trailing plants to grow and cover most of the chain link fence. If you are a little impatient, you can grow fast-growing trailing plants along the fence.

Some gardeners recommend nasturtium, rambling roses, Virginia creeper, and perennial sweet pea for covering the fence because they grow quickly.

6. DIY Red Slats

DIY Red Slats

A chain link fence is popular among many homeowners because it is affordable, durable, sturdy, and easy to install. However, it does not provide enough privacy. Fortunately, you can find many fence cover ideas for a chain link fence.

One of them is a red slat fence cover. The red slat is not difficult to install. First, you must purchase the slats and paint red. After that, you can install the slats on the fence.

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7. DIY Vinyl Privacy Fence

DIY Vinyl Privacy Fence

The vinyl fence is one of the most cost-effective fence covering ideas. This type of fence comes in various designs, sizes, and colors. You can get one that offers maximum privacy or the picket fence type.

Moreover, some vinyl fences look like wood fences. Therefore, they will make the garden looks stylish and more appealing. Installing the DIY vinyl fence is easy. The company/seller generally provides clear instructions for installing it.

8. Faux Ivy Leaf Hedge Panel Fence Cover

Faux Ivy Leaf Hedge Panel Fence Cover

Growing trailing plants as fence covers requires time and energy. You must take care of them regularly to help them thrive in their growing environment. However, some people don’t have enough time to take care of these plants.

Fortunately, you can use faux ivy leaf hedge panels to cover the fence. By installing these panels, you no longer need to maintain the trailing plants on your fence.

In addition, the faux ivy leaf hedge panels are UV-resistant. Therefore, the sun will not cause the color to fade easily and the panels to break easily.

9. Expandable Faux Ivy Fence Cover

Expandable Faux Ivy Fence Cover

The expandable faux ivy fence cover is as good as the faux ivy leaf hedge panel. The difference between the two is that the expandable type is less dense. Therefore, it is not too ideal for chain link fences.

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10. Corrugated Metal Fence

Corrugated Metal Fence

The corrugated metal fence is ideal for you who want to add an industrial look to the garden. This fence looks more attractive if you paint it in the right color. For the best result, choose a paint product that will protect the metal fence from corrosion.

11. Reed Fence

Reed Fence

Reed fence is affordable and gorgeous. It looks like a smaller bamboo fence, but reed the fence is made of a different natural material. The fence is affordable and makes an excellent fence cover.

Different fence covering ideas offer different advantages and disadvantages. The affordable fences or fence covers may require more maintenance than the more expensive ones. Therefore, you must not only consider the fence price, but also the fence’s maintenance and quality when choosing a fence.

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