10 Best DIY Flower Vase Ideas You Can Do Easily

One of the most everlasting interior decorations is fresh flowers. You can always place floral arrangements and fresh blooms inside the house, any time of year. Those flowers will be more outstanding when you put them inside a unique vase. This means you need some DIY vase ideas.

No matter what kind of flowers you want inside the house, the vase should be aesthetic. Stores out there provide the most luxurious and cool vases but you can always create your own for more personal touches. Find some DIY flower vase ideas below before you start the project.

The Most Creative DIY Vase Ideas to Try

Everything around you is the best material to create the most fascinating flower vases. All you need is just a little idea to change the look of ordinary stuff into wonderful interior decoration. Take a look at some DIY vase ideas at home below and try to make your unique vase.

1. Neon typography flower vase

Neon typography flower vase

To make the first unique flower vase, you will have to gather some clear vases made of plastic or glass, or any other material. These neon DIY vase ideas also require you to get some neon-colored papers ready. Those papers will make your flower vases look more eye-catching.

Simply wrap your clear vase with neon paper. And then write something cool to motivate you, like “rise and shine”, “glow up”, and so on.

2. Cute vases from glass milk bottles

Cute vases from glass milk bottles

Glass milk bottles will be some beautiful ornaments for your interior. Those bottles will be more adorable when they meet pastel colors. Prepare some paints in pastel colors and then dip half of your glass milk bottle to create an aesthetic flower vase look.

Then fill each bottle you have prepared with fresh flowers you took from the backyard. Place those vases inside the house to enlighten the room.

3. Unusual wooden vase

Unusual wooden vase

Instead of glass, this unique vase is made of wood. The shape is unlike any other flower vase. If you want to try these unique DIY vase ideas, get three long wooden pieces and two square wooden pieces. Connect them all until you get a long wooden vase.

Fill the long unique vase with colorful flowers. And then place the vase in the middle of your dining table. This is going to be the most beautiful low centerpiece.

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4. Simple yet adorable vase

Simple yet adorable vase

The next decoration idea will involve tin cans. Don’t toss your tin cans into the trash since they will be an adorable ornament for your interior. First of all, paint your tin cans with a pastel paint color. And then wrap the center of each tin can with a cute ribbon and lace. They will be super adorable.

After filling every tin can with fresh flowers, you can place them wherever you want. They’ll be a cute decoration for your living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or any room.

5. Elegant DIY vase ideas with lace

Elegant DIY vase ideas with lace

Gather all vases you have on the table. And then prepare some beautiful white laces. Use the lace to wrap each vase so you will get some white elegant vases for your living room. Fill those vases with magenta or red flowers. They will be luxurious ornaments wherever you place them.

6. Natural watermelon vase

Natural watermelon vase

This idea is for those who want to decorate their space with the most natural materials. Flowers are from nature, they will look awesome when you place them inside something from nature as well. one unique material to use is a watermelon.

Scoop out the entire fleshes of a watermelon. You will get the exterior shell of watermelon, which is a great natural vase for your flowers. Display your flowers inside this unique vase.

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7. Rustic rope flower vase

Rustic rope flower vase

The rope is to cover your glass vases. Instead of using regular glass vases, consider using mason jars or any other jars with a unique shape. And then use your hot glue to wrap the jars with rope. This is going to create the most unique and rustic look.

The best flower to fill inside this gorgeous jar vase is a red rose. But you can always add your favorite flower inside the vase.

8. Creative beer mug vase

Creative beer mug vase

A man cave also needs some living plants inside. The best way to decorate a man cave is by creating a vase from an unwanted beer mug. Cover the mug with gold paint and white paint to represent the beer and the foam. And then fill the vase with a living plant.

Since the vase is for a man cave, there is no need to fill it with flowers. A green plant will be a cool ornament for these DIY vase ideas. Make sure you pick the easiest plant to keep, especially one that doesn’t require complicated treatments since usually, man has no time for this.

9. Wine bottle vase

Wine bottle vase

Get all your empty wine bottles and transform them into gorgeous flower vases. The next DIY vase décor ideas involve wine bottles, some wood boards, and hooks. First of all, prepare the wood boards and attach the hooks to those boards. Connect the wine bottle to each board.

Now you can fill each bottle with different flowers. Mount the wooden boards onto the wall. They will be a cool decoration for your hallway and front door.

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10. Farmhouse pitcher vases

Farmhouse pitcher vases

Finally, this idea will be the best one to consider if you are decorating your farmhouse interior. Farmhouse interiors would love something chic like the white-colored pitchers. Those pitchers will be excellent ornaments for almost any room. Simply add some flowers and green plants to the pitchers.

Then place those pitchers on the table in any room and let them make your kitchen, living room, dining room, or other rooms feel fresher and look prettier.

How are you going to make your interior look unique? Vases with some flowers will make the room look outstanding. Add some creativity and then your ornament will be more gorgeous.

Simply try some DIY vase ideas above and you’ll see how some cheap stuff can make your interior look much better.

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