16 Best Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Inspiration

To get a more lively home, some additional plants can be a good solution. However, putting the plant indoors is challenging since it should have a plant stand so the floor area should stay clean. Some plant stand ideas are working well for the outdoors too.

It’s not only adding the aesthetic to the look and dressing the plants with the house. A plant stand is necessary since it gives the plants a chance to have a longer life. Displaying them on a plant stand is prettier as well. Here are some ideas for your mini garden indoors and outdoors.

16 Best Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Inspiration

1. Copper round

Copper roundA copper round is an excellent option if you are into a classic design for a plant stand. It has higher durability and is strong enough to hold the pot. It looks antique and modern at the same time. However, one plant stand only holds one pot for a more aesthetic look.

2. Lampshade


Don’t throw away your lamp shade once you don’t need it anymore. The size and shape are nice to create a DIY for a plant stand. However, the useful one is the lampshade made from wire since the strength is fair to hold the plant. Paint the wire with oily paint to avoid rust.

3. Tiered plant stand

Tiered plant stand

This idea is worth applying for an interior with less space. To put more pots in the house, a tiered plant stand will help to save more space since it’s a vertical plant stand. The holder is tiered, and you can put a lot of pots. It’s good DIY plant stand ideas at the corner.

4. Trash can plant stands

Trash can plant stands

A trash can is another option to put in the plant. You have to make it upside down and put the plant on it. There are pretty trash can options, from modern, minimalist, and vintage. Adjust the room concept with the trash can for a plant stand.

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5. Ladder plant stands

Ladder plant stands

A ladder is one horticulture innovation since it saves the cost of gardening. Every tier of the ladder is the place to put the plants, and it can be more than one plant. Usually, this idea is good for interior gardening. It’s aesthetic for small to medium plants.

6. Side table

Side table

Plant stand ideas can be from a side table that you never use in the living room. Some side tables might be just a decoration for the room, and they can be a plant stand too. However, the size of the table might affect the size of the pot. The smaller the table, the smaller the pot.

7. Mid-century style

Mid-century style

The stand has three legs and it is similar to a side table. However, the main material of the side table is mid-century style. It’s from wood and the color of the creative indoor plant stand ideas is brownish. It has a classic effect on the room where you place it. The plant can be anything.

8. Raised planter

Raised planter

A raised planter is a solution if you are scared that some animals like rats will come to the plant. The plant stand has a box at the upper part and the bottom part can be a versatile shelf. You can maximize the space by having more plants in one place.

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9. Plant holder

Plant holder

This idea is great if there are a lot of plants to display on the same spot. A plant holder is similar to a shelf, but the main purpose is for gardening. This plant stand has a lot of holders at once and usually it’s for small size plants with flowers or simply greenery.

10. Rolling plant stand

Rolling plant stand

This option is for you to put a heavy pot on a plant stand. The rolling plant stand has some wheels under the lay flat and helps you to move the plant. In case it needs sunlight, you can move it easily. Making the plant stand ideas for this type is simple as well.

11. Spiral ladder

Spiral ladder

The spiral ladder gives the aesthetic and classic vibe at the same time. It’s not a real ladder since it’s short and made especially for the plant stand. The pots are on each step. The spiral ladder is perfect for both outdoors and indoors.

12. Rattan basket

Rattan basket

A rattan basket can be one of the best plant stand ideas. The stand has legs of metal. The top part is a basket of rattan. The pot is in the basket. It gives shade to the pot and ends up giving classic vibes. Greenery plants with large leaves are perfect for this.

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13. Rolling shelf

Rolling shelf

A rolling shelf is an option if you like to move the plants inside or outside to give them free air and sunlight every day. The wheels under the shelf help you to move it. The bigger the shelf, the more plants you can place. Choose the metal one since it’s more durable.

14. Hanger shelf

Hanger shelf

A hanger shelf can be one of the plant stand ideas as well. The lay flats are for the heavier pots. Meanwhile, the hanger pipe above the plat is for hanging pots. It saves a lot of cost and DIY for this idea is easy. Give some wheels under the last flat so it’s easy to move around.

15. Bike stand

Bike stand

The bike plant stand is a classic style, yet it has a lot of enthusiasts. The bike stand has a big main wheel and another one is smaller. There are two baskets to act like a pot. The perfect plant for this style is hanging begonia since the flower is fluffy and big to attract attention.

16. Hanging planter

Hanging planter

This style is suitable for outdoors and indoors. The stand looks like a wheel. The line of the wheel is the place to hang the pots. The hanging plants are unique and can be from wood, metal, or bamboo. Put the flowery pots on this hanging planter.

Plant stand ideas above are some examples to create an aesthetic look for the plants. Sometimes, beautiful pots are not enough. The plant stand is important to protect the plants from unnecessary animals, even the excess water or flood outdoors.

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