5 Easy Unique DIY Mini Greenhouse Ideas

A DIY mini greenhouse will give you inspiration on how to transform a small space to satisfy your gardening cravings. If you are a gardening enthusiast but currently living in an apartment, you don’t have outdoor space to grow the plants freely. You have no choice except to create an indoor garden that can be challenging.

Whenever you have to deal with a similar condition, don’t worry because numerous creative ideas can help you to make a small greenhouse. With easy materials and budget-friendly solutions, you can add a tiny green world that serves as pretty décor for either limited indoor or outdoor space.

5 DIY Mini Greenhouse Inspirations

The following ideas are helpful for you to grow everything you wish regardless of the space and unfavorable conditions. Most importantly, they are easy to make so you can do the project on your own.

1. Umbrella Mini Greenhouse

Umbrella Mini Greenhouse

If your home still comes with a backyard but is limited in available space, you can try to make a different design of a greenhouse. Going with a transparent umbrella will add a unique look to your yard yet provide a good shelter for several plants. It lets the plants inside stay dry during the wet months.

It provides a clear vision for the owners to monitor the growth of the plants from the outside. This DIY mini greenhouse can be easily constructed. You only need to stretch plastic over a firm umbrella frame. It is not only water resistant but also offers perfect conditions and warmth for the plants to grow.

This small umbrella greenhouse creates a great space to arrange circular pots inside. You can put a cluster of small plants in pots together in the greenhouse. However, it is important to secure this DIY umbrella so it won’t be easily blown away during windy months. You can push it into the soil or handle it with bricks.

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2. Window Mini Greenhouse

Window Mini Greenhouse

Having no outdoors doesn’t mean that you cannot own a garden at home. You can take advantage of some areas inside your house to build a mini greenhouse. Of course, you should not deal with the harsh weather or frozen planting bed in the winter. All you have to do is think creatively to transform the space available.

For instance, you can use one of the windows in your home to create a DIY mini greenhouse. It is a perfect spot inside your home to grow plants. Install some thick glass panels horizontally. These panels will divide your window into several sections. You can use them as places to display your plant collection.

The natural light can enter from the window and support plants in this indoor greenhouse to grow. However, you need to keep in mind that not all types of plants are suitable for this greenhouse. You had better choose small plants that can survive in a shady environment to arrange in the greenhouse’s panels.

3. Plastic Shelving Greenhouse

Plastic Shelving Greenhouse

Have an empty corner on your terrace or a short space behind your home? Creating a plastic shelving greenhouse can be an ideal option. To make this DIY mini greenhouse, you only need an open shelving unit and a zip-up plastic cover which both of which are affordable to buy.

This small greenhouse design is effective to add vertical interest to the backyard. Besides, it allows you to keep and grow more plants rather than put them directly on the floor. A plastic cover with a zipper works the best because it enables you to observe the condition and growth of the plants without taking them out.

Plastic material naturally survives weather conditions as well. During windy months, you can secure the zipper to cover the plants and weigh it with brick to prevent this greenhouse from being blown away. Meanwhile, on summer days, you can unzip the door to reduce the condensation inside the greenhouse.

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4. Polycarbonate Sheets Greenhouse

Polycarbonate Sheets Greenhouse

You can make a DIY small greenhouse box from a polycarbonate sheet. This material is not only translucent but also lightweight and shatterproof. It makes a good choice to keep plants safe from snow, frost, and rain due to its little insulating air channel. You can use wood to make a box frame or buy a nifty frame kit.

If you have recycled wood at home or are just craving a project, you can design and create your own polycarbonate sheets house. It doesn’t require a long time and you can assemble it easily since it only needs a few materials. The interesting part is you can choose the shape and size based on the space condition.

Once the frame is successfully assembled, you can cover the space between the frame’s edges with polycarbonate sheets. Hence, you have to measure the material properly by tacking it in the frame with headed tacks before cutting it. This mini greenhouse enables you to grow a variety of plants.

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5. Plastic Cup Seedlings

Plastic Cup Seedlings

If you like to grow plants from seeds, you have to provide a proper place for their steady start. That’s why you need to design a DIY mini greenhouse for seedlings. Use affordable plastic pint glasses as a miniature of a greenhouse to protect the young plants.

These plastic glasses can be easily put, moved upside-down, and covered the plant pots. It allows you to know the development of the plant through its clear plastic cover. Moreover, it not only keeps the moisture from the compost but also promotes balanced air temperature to support roots and foliage growth.

For a more effective result, you need to select pots with drainage holes over a large tray. It enables you to water the plants from the bottom without taking off the plastic glasses. It will be better to use biodegradable plastic glasses since this material is safer for the environment and can break down in around 2 years.

Making a DIY mini greenhouse can be easy and low in cost as long as you can choose the right materials to transform your design into reality. Most importantly, it becomes a great alternative to gardening in a limited space.

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