18 Dwarf Ornamental Trees to Grow

Dwarf ornamental trees add colors and vibes to the backyard. They have an accent, fragrant, and statement for more beautiful gardens. Growing dwarf ornamental isn’t hard, yet you need maintenance since it grows bigger and taller as time passes by.

Not only outdoors, but the trees can also grow indoors as long as extra care is ready. Planting the dwarf ornamental in the pot is quite challenging. However, the color during blooms will be satisfying to see. Here are the best dwarf ornamental plants to plant in your garden.

18 Dwarf Ornamental Trees to Grow

1. Hydrangea


Hydrangea is very popular with every florist since it’s a dense flower and has beautiful colors. The plant does well in shade and sun, so it doesn’t have a lot of maintenance. As the season changes, hydrangea petals will turn their color from white to others such as pink, blue, yellow, etc.

2. Korean lilac

Korean lilac

Korean lilacs have a charming fragrance and are different from other dwarf trees. The petals are pink at first. By and by the flowers will turn into lilacs, especially in late spring. It grows well in every season, but mostly in subtropical countries with four seasons.

3. Redbud


Redbud is one of the unique dwarves because it has heart-shaped leaves. Every spring, redbud will have a lot of flowers in different colors such as pink, purple and white. The trees can grow up to 10 feet high and live best in zone 5-9 because it needs medium moisture.

4. Flowering dogwood

Flowering dogwood

This tree grows in North America naturally since it’s only good in subtropical areas and with less sun exposure. Every spring, flowering dogwood will have white and pink flowers. This type is great for the backyard. The height of the tree is up to 15 feet after a decade.

5. Golden chain tree

Golden chain tree

This ornamental tree is bright yet calming yellow when it blooms. It has a remarkable scent, especially during spring. However, a gardener might have to spend a lot of time maintaining the growth. It grows beautifully only in zones 5-7. It’s poisonous for pets, so maintenance should be careful.

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6. Purple leaf sand cherry

Purple leaf sand cherry

This dwarf ornamental tree is a unique one among all dwarf ornamental trees in the world. There are three colors of foliage, maroon, purple, and red once it blooms. This tree starts to bloom in early spring. The height is only about 8 feet maximal, so it’s perfect for a mini garden in the backyard.

7. Conifers


Unlike other dwarf ornamental trees, conifers are the plant to keep indoors. It’s greenery on the pot to give a cool vibe inside your house. Trimming is its main maintenance to keep it short. You’ll see green cones during spring and summer that will turn brown in the next season.

8. Hinoki Cypress

Hinoki Cypress

The origin of this tree is from Japan. It’s a mix of Nana, Nana Lutea, and Gracilis. The foliage is all green and it gives an evergreen vibe to the garden. The shape of the foliage is conical. However, it only grows if the condition is partially sunny with moist and well-drained soil.

9. Caribbean copper

Caribbean copper

This plant is endemic to Latin America, especially Mexico. Caribbean copper has a high tolerance to the weather, even in hard winters. The foliage is burgundy with a round shape. When spring comes, the flowers start to appear in white-creamy colors.

10. Elephant foot

Elephant foot

Another name for this dwarf ornamental plant is ponytail palm because it has a ponytail. The look of the tree is unique and different from other dwarf ornamental trees. The stem is thin and the leaves are green. The ponytail or leaf size can be up to 3 feet in length.

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11. Star magnolia

Star magnolia

This tree is small, but it gives a lot of magnolia petals when it blooms in spring and summer. The tree is round and a kind of shrub plant rather than a tree. There are two colors of star magnolia, pink and white. Meanwhile, the leaves are dark green.

12. Lavender Twist

Lavender Twist

Lavender twist has the same color as lavender, but the shape of the flower is similar to a rose pea. In the early spring, the tree will form a purple color and after that turn into burgundy. Wherever the tree stands, butterflies will come to gather around the tree.

13. Autumn brilliance serviceberry

Autumn brilliance serviceberry

Even though autumn brilliance serviceberry blooms in summer, the color of the foliage is similar to the leaves in autumn. The tree grows better under partial shade than in the full sun. During summer, there will be berry fruit which is edible for birds that gather on the tree.

14. Jack dwarf pear

Jack dwarf pear

If you are into white flowers, the jack dwarf pear is one of the dwarf ornamental trees that will give that look. However, the leaves are colored red, orange, and yellow. The tree grows in spring but can’t stand during hardy winter.

15. Royal Poinciana

Royal Poinciana

Royal Poinciana has a different look from others. The tree is big and tall with very thick stems and branches. The color of the foliage is green and the flower is bright red. It’s an appealing tree for a large backyard. Royal poinciana can be a shade for your garden or outdoor patio.

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16. Dragon tree

Dragon tree

If you’re looking for evergreen dwarf ornamental trees, dragon trees can be a great option. This tree doesn’t have special flowers, but the foliage can stand in every climate. It survives well during the drought too. It can be an umbrella tree after a decade.

17. Plumeria


Plumeria is a popular dwarf ornamental plant because of its beautiful flower. The foliage is evergreen and it stands in hardy winter. It grows well during full sun conditions. The flowers during spring will spread a nice fragrance around. It’s nice to have in the garden.

18. Firebird crabapple

Firebird crabapple

This stunning plant can grow up to 8 feet. It is one of the most seen dwarf ornamental trees for shade in the world. This plant has white flowers and contributes to emitting nice fragrant around the tree. It blooms in the spring to summer since it needs full sun condition.

All dwarf ornamental trees are beautiful to grow in the garden. Some of them can be the shade for the backyard because of their evergreen foliage. Choose the best one for your garden, especially with the nice fragrance from the flowers during spring.

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