11 Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants (Indoor & Outdoor)

Many people love hanging their favorite plants indoors and outdoors because they have limited space to grow them. Hanging plants is also a great way to brighten up your space. However, you must know the clever ways to hang plants if you want to achieve this effect.

A particular way of hanging plants can make your space looks crowded and disorganized. Meanwhile, some methods can cost lots of money. Therefore, you must find the right plant hanging method that fits your space and budget.

11 Clever Ways to Hang Plants for Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

If you are looking for ways to hang your plants attractively indoors and outdoors, you can check the clever ways to hang your plants below. Some of these ideas are affordable for everyone. Some others are DIY plant hangers you can make at home.

1. Plant Hanger Made of Rope and Board

Plant Hanger Made of Rope and Board

One of the clever ways to hang plants is using a plant hanger made of big jute rope and a board to hold the pot. This plant hanger is rustic and unique. It is perfect for a farmhouse and modern rustic home.

This hanging planter is small. Therefore, you can use it for smaller plants, such as Mexican feather grass and Chinese money plant. In addition, you can use it as an indoor and outdoor plant hanger.

2. Metal Frame for Wall Mounted Plants

Metal Frame for Wall Mounted Plants

Do you need to place several plants by the window? For this purpose, you can adopt this clever idea to hang the plants. The owner of this idea uses a metal frame to hang their plants indoors.

The gold color and design of this wall-mounted metal frame are elegant. Therefore, the combination of houseplants and this frame will add a fresh and elegant look at the same time. In addition, the frame consists of three tiers so you can have more houseplants to hang.

3. Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger

Many people think that hanging houseplants using macrame plant hangers is one of the clever ways to hang plants. Macrame plant hangers come in various stylish designs. Some are simple and others are chic.

You can use both macrame plant hanger styles to create an attractive spot near a sunny window. When it comes to getting macrame plant hangers, you can purchase them from online marketplaces or make them by yourself.

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4. Hanging Tray Planter

Hanging Tray Planter

Hanging several houseplants on one plant hanger can make your space look neat. To achieve this look, you can use a hanging tray planter. This planter offers several advantages. One of them is that the floating tray can accommodate several potted plants.

In addition, the hanging planter will not restrict the growth of the plants because it has no closed-confined rope. The floating tray will be a perfect hanging planter by a window.

5. Plastic Bottle Planter

Plastic Bottle Planter

Many people consider plastic bottle-hanging planters as the best planter. Reusing plastic bottles as hanging planters is a good method to minimize plastic waste. You can use plastic bottles in different ways when it comes to gardening.

One of the clever ways to hang plants in plastic bottles is using the method above. You only need to make a planting hole on the side of plastic bottles. After that hang the bottles vertically and start growing the plants.

This method is ideal for shallow-rooted vegetable and flowering plants. It is also ideal for you who love doing DIY projects.

6. Rain Gutter Planter

Rain Gutter Planter

Using a rain gutter planter is one of the clever ways to hang plants outdoors. The gutter is affordable and easy to install. In addition, you can install it in different ways. For example, you can install a rain gutter planter on a wall.

You can also install several layers of rain gutter planters on a wall forming a floating shelf if you have limited space. Similar to plastic bottle planters, rain gutter planters are ideal for shallow-rooted plants.

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7. Clothing Rack for Hanging Plants

Clothing Rack for Hanging Plants

Some people don’t want to screw in hooks into the wall/ceiling when hanging a planter. Therefore, they choose to use a clothing rack for hanging houseplants. This method of hanging houseplants is expensive. However, it is practical and easy to do.

You only need to put your houseplants in plant hangers, such as macrame plant hangers. After that hang them on the clothing rack. You can use this plant hanging method indoors and outdoors.

8. Hanging Planter on a Tree

Hanging Planter on a Tree

The porch is not the only place to hang your plants outdoors. Another great spot for hanging plants is a tree. You can use a metal hanging basket planter to hang the plants on a tree. To create an attractive hanging basket planter, you can combine a flowering plant and a trailing plant.

9. DIY Outdoor Hanging Planter

DIY Outdoor Hanging Planter

Do you feel like creating a DIY hanging planter? If you do, you can try creating this outdoor hanging planter. You don’t need too many materials and equipment to create it. Rain gutters, rope, hooks, and a wood structure are what you need to make it.

This hanging planter is great for herbs and other shallow-rooted plants. In addition, it is space saving so it is ideal for you who have a small backyard.

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10. Metal Hanging Basket Planter on the Porch

Metal Hanging Basket Planter on the Porch

Hanging basket planters are attractive with their coco coir liner. Having these planters with blooming flowers on the porch will make your exterior look gorgeous. However, you must have several basket planters full of colorful flowers on the porch to create this gorgeous look.

11. Hanging Flower Display in the Backyard

Hanging Flower Display in the Backyard

There are several ways you can do in creating a beautiful corner in your backyard. One of them is having a hanging flower display in this corner. The flowering plants you choose for this display must have vibrant color flowers.

In addition, you must choose flowering plants that bloom for a longer period. Therefore, this corner will have a wonderful look almost all year round.

The clever ways to hang plants will improve the look of your space. Moreover, hanging plants indoors and outdoors will also give you other advantages, for example, fresher air and a healthier home. Therefore, your house will be a better space to live in.

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