11 DIY Homemade Terrarium Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Terrarium hobby is getting more popular lately. After seeing how gorgeous a terrarium is, some of you may want to try making terrariums. However, you must have terrarium ideas on your mind before purchasing terrarium containers, plants, and other materials.

You will find various types of terrariums when you explore ideas for making a terrarium. The most common types are open and closed terrariums. Both types are ideal for different plants. Other terrarium types you can make are geometric, water, and dome terrariums.

11 Stunning DIY Terrarium Ideas

Here, you can find various types and ideas of terrariums. Some of these terrariums are simple yet attractive. Meanwhile, other terrarium ideas seem difficult to make but their appearance is amazing. Check these 11 terrarium ideas and find inspiration to make your terrarium at home.

1. Light Bulb Terrarium

Light Bulb Terrarium

The light bulb terrarium is small. Its simple design allows new terrarium hobbyists to make it easier. You can purchase the light bulb or bulb jar from an online marketplace. In addition, you must have sand, air plants, moss, and an animal miniature.

The sand you need for this small terrarium is only around 2 tablespoons. You may need to create a stand to display this closed terrarium. You can also hang it on a rope and display the terrarium near a sunny window.

2. Fish Bowl Succulent Terrarium

Fish Bowl Succulent Terrarium

Some terrarium ideas make excellent tabletop centerpieces. One of them is the fish bowl succulent terrarium. This terrarium idea is perfect for beginners.

The fish bowl has a larger opening than the light bulb above. Therefore, beginners will not have difficulties arranging the terrarium materials.

The design of this terrarium is attractive and colorful. You will need planting media, light brown small gravel, white rocks, different types of succulents, and small decors to make this terrarium. Arrange them attractively and place the terrarium in the center of your dining table.

3. Fish Tank Terrarium with Water and Mist

Fish Tank Terrarium with Water and Mist

Many people love to make a terrarium in a fish tank. They love creating fish tank terrarium ideas because a fish tank is larger and has a large opening compared to other containers. Therefore, it allows them to work creatively, such as in the terrarium above.

It features rocks, sand, moss, and water. The creator of this terrarium arranges the rocks into cliff miniatures and places the moss on the cliff-like rocks. This terrarium looks magical thanks to the mist pouring between the rocks.

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4. Dinosaur Terrarium

Dinosaur Terrarium

Do you want to create a terrarium that resembles a Jurassic world? If you do, you must make this dinosaur terrarium. The dinosaur terrarium is one of the easiest terrarium ideas to make because the design is simple.

You only need soil, small white gravel, moss, dinosaur miniature, and some decorations. Arranging these materials in the glass jar is not difficult at all. First, you must create a layer of gravel and soil. Next, arrange the moss, dinosaur miniatures, and decoration.

5. Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Terrarium

You don’t need to buy terrarium containers if you have mason jars at home. These jars are as good as terrarium containers so you can use them to create terrariums. Use your creativity and you will be amazed at how many terrarium ideas you can make out of these jars.

For example, you can create succulent mason jar terrariums vertically and horizontally. Apply a layer of soil and sand/small gravel, place a couple of rocks artistically, and plant your succulents and moss. Choose colorful succulents to make the terrariums more attractive.

6. Moss Terrarium

Moss Terrarium

Moss terrariums are popular among terrarium hobbyists. The small-leaf plants allow them to create beautiful closed terrariums. For beginners, you can try to make the moss terrarium idea above.

You need three different moss types to make this terrarium. In addition, you need a small jar, planting soil, rocks, and animal miniatures. Arrange the rocks and moss so they look like green hills after you put a layer of planting soil. Next, place the animal miniatures and close the lid.

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7. Geometric Terrarium

Geometric Terrarium

Geometric terrariums are also popular among hobbyists. The geometric container makes the terrarium more appealing. Many people use this container for creating succulent and air plant terrarium ideas.

8. Cool Air Plant Terrarium

Cool Air Plant Terrarium

Talking about air plants, you must check this cool air plant terrarium. It is cool and beautiful with white gravel and red and green air plants. The design of this terrarium is simple yet it looks valuable and expensive.

In addition, the air plants in this terrarium can last for years with minimum maintenance. You only need to mist the plants regularly to keep them alive.

9. Terrarium with a House Miniature

Terrarium with a House Miniature

This terrarium is beautiful. It shows a unique display of a house and the environment around it. The size and shape of the jar make this terrarium a perfect tabletop centerpiece.

You will need various materials to create the terrarium because it has several different plants in it. In addition, you may need to buy faux plants to make the terrarium more attractive.

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10. Desert-Like Terrarium

Desert-Like Terrarium

Many succulent terrariums have a layer of black soil. However, it is not so with this terrarium. Its creator only uses white sand to grow the succulents and cactus. Therefore, it will remind you of a desert.

Creating this terrarium is not difficult so beginners can make it quickly and easily. Once you arrange all the materials artistically in the fish bowl, you can use this terrarium to decorate your coffee table.

11. Open Geometric Succulent Terrarium

Open Geometric Succulent Terrarium

The open geometric succulent terrarium is ideal for you who want to bring the beauty of your garden indoors. This terrarium is closely similar to an outdoor succulent garden.

It consists of various types of succulents, moss, dry pine cones, gravel, and planting media. To keep the succulents alive, place this terrarium near a sunny window and mist it regularly.

Some people think that making terrariums is difficult. However, from the terrarium ideas above, you will find out that some terrariums are easy to make for beginners. In addition, a beautiful terrarium is not always one that has an intricate design. The simple one can be beautiful too.

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