14 Best Tree Stump Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

The appearance of old tree stumps can be unpleasant. Due to this appearance, the stumps can make your garden look less beautiful. On the other hand, removing a stump may cost you lots of money. Fortunately, you can apply particular tree stump ideas and transform the look of the stumps.

Here, you can find 14 ideas to transform the tree stumps in your garden. Some ideas will make the tree stumps more functional. Meanwhile, other ideas will make the tree stumps look more attractive. Therefore, your garden will be better than before.

14 Best Tree Stump Ideas to Beautify Your Garden

Transforming a tree stump into something more functional or attractive may take some hard work. It also requires certain equipment or materials. However, in the end, you will see that the result is amazing. Below are 14 ideas you can adopt to transform the look of your old tree stumps.

1. Kid’s Stump Play Set

Kid’s Stump Play Set

Are you looking for tall tree stump ideas? This stump play set idea is perfect for you who have a tall tree stump and kids.

Your kids will surely love having this unique play set. You need several materials, such as handholds, wood for the fence, and a slide, to transform the tree stump into a kid’s play set.

Since the stump play set is for kids, you must pay attention to its safety. Therefore, your kids can have fun with minimum risks of accidents.

2. Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

Transforming a tree stump into a planter is one of the most common tree stump ideas. Many people have transformed their stumps into planters. However, it never feels outdated to apply this idea.

You can create tree stump planters in various ways. One of them is similar to the image above. To create it, you need to make a planting hole several inches deep in the middle of the stump.

After that, you must make drainage holes. Next, fill the planting hole with planting media and start planting your favorite plants in it.

3. Tree Stump with a Rustic Wood Planter

Tree Stump with a Rustic Wood Planter

This is one of the easy-to-make tree stump ideas you can try. It is ideal for you who do not have the equipment to make a planting hole in the middle of a tree stump.

The tree stump with a rustic wood planter will make your garden look more gorgeous, especially if you grow tall and colorful flowering plants in it.

4. Tree Stump Chair

Tree Stump Chair

If you happen to have a large tree stump, you can transform it into a tree stump chair. This chair will make an excellent resting area. You can sit and relax on this chair after taking a stroll in your garden.

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5. Quirky Carved Tree Stump

Quirky Carved Tree Stump

Nothing can stop you to make creative tree stump ideas if you have excellent wood carving skills. For example, you can make your garden look more unusual by carving the tree stump in the design above.

6. Gnome’s House from Tree Stump

Gnome’s House from Tree Stump

Many people love to have a magical atmosphere of fairy tales in the garden. To create this atmosphere, some people transform their tree stump into a gnome house, similar to the idea above.

However, this tree-stump gnome house is not easy to make. You may need help from a professional to create it.

7. A Bird House on a Tree Stump

A Bird House on a Tree Stump

Creating a birdhouse on a tree stump is quite common. Consequently, you can find many bird house tree stump ideas out there. However, if you want to make a rustic birdhouse, you can apply this idea. You will need a tall tree stump to make this birdhouse though.

8. Bird Bath on a Tree Stump

Bird Bath on a Tree Stump

Another popular tree stump idea is the stump bird bath. People have different ways to create tree stump bird baths. Some people make a large hole in the middle of the stump and place the bird bath in it.

To enhance the look of your garden, you must choose a bird bath design with a small fountain in it. Moreover, don’t forget to grow colorful flowering plants around the bird bath.

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9. Tree Stump Square Table

Tree Stump Square Table

There are various tree stump ideas for making tables. One of them is this tree stump square table. This garden table idea is ideal for you who want to have a tree stump table that is larger than the width of the stump.

10. Tree Stump Table Set for Patio

Tree Stump Table Set for Patio

A table set made of tree stumps can make your patio blend with the garden beautifully. You will need a large tree stump and logs to make the table and benches for the patio. Don’t forget to protect the log table and benches from the weather with a weather-proof coating.

11. Tic Tac Toe on a Tree Stump Table

Tic Tac Toe on a Tree Stump Table

Some tree stumps are so low that you don’t know what to do about them. However, you can find several short tree stump ideas to transform the stump. One of these ideas is the tic tac toe board on a tree stump. This stump idea is perfect for those who have kids.

12. Stepping Stumps

Stepping Stumps

This is another perfect tree stump idea for kids. The stepping stumps will allow your kids to have fun in the garden. They will also help them improve their balance

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13. Tree Stump Fire Pit

Tree Stump Fire Pit

For those who love hanging out in the garden at night, transforming your tree stump into a fire pit is worth a try. The tree stump fire pit will keep you warm when you enjoy a night in the garden. You can also use it for roasting marshmallows or other foods.

14. Tree Stump Mushroom Table Set for Kids

Tree Stump Mushroom Table Set for Kids

This mushroom table set is cute. Having the table set in the garden will surely make your kids happy. It will also add a cheerful look to your garden.

To apply this idea, you need to cover your tree stump with a small tabletop and cover several wood logs with mushroom-like padded seats.

Transforming a tree stump into something that can spruce up your garden requires creativity. However, you don’t need to think hard now. You only need to choose one of the 14 best tree stump ideas above and you can transform a boring tree stump into something attractive and functional.

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