5 Weatherproof DIY Outdoor Cat House Shelter Ideas

Weatherproof DIY outdoor cat house helps to keep your cats feel safe and warm during frosty winter. Although cats can be the best furry friends, some people prefer not to live with them inside the house due to various reasons. Alternatively, they make a pet shelter to ensure their cat remains comfortable outdoor.

Providing a proper house becomes an important part of taking care of a cat. Letting your cat stay outdoors means that you have to create a house that stands well along the seasons. Hence, it should be weatherproof so it can protect the cat from both scorching summer days and chilly winter nights.

5 Weatherproof DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas

If you look for inspiration to design the best outdoor feline cat, you can take a look at several of these cat house collections. These examples enable you to modify and make your own cat house by considering the surrounding environments.

1. Cooler Box House

Cooler Box House

A cooler box serves as the best material for an outdoor cat house. Using this material doesn’t require you to build the house from scratch. You just need to add other supporting equipment to make sure your cat stays inside comfortably.

For instance, you can provide a carpet, blanket, cushion, or foam pad to keep the cat warm. Purchasing rope lights and installing them in the color box not only creates a brighter but also warmer condition for the cat inside. A cat house design from a cooler box is pretty easy to construct.

You just need to cast a particular part of the box as a small door. Hence, a cat can enter and leave its house easily. This allows the house to still have plenty of space to put bowls for their food and water. You can make the top of the box to be weatherproof so it doesn’t leak during rains or winter.

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2. Styrofoam Box House

Styrofoam Box House

If you are still a beginner in DIY stuff, building a feline house from a Styrofoam box can be the best option to try. This housing plan is simple to construct and you only need a few materials such as a Styrofoam cooler, tape, and glue. Cut one side of the Styrofoam to provide an entrance and some drainage holes.

Since the material of Styrofoam is water resistant, it also serves as a great weatherproof DIY outdoor cat house. You even can make more than one feline house since the materials are easy to get and they are inexpensive. Make comfortable bedding for your tabby friend by adding some fabrics inside.

If you only find Styrofoam in different shapes, you can assemble them with a durable adhesive to form a pet house design. Making some housing plans also allow some stray cats that like to come to your backyard, if you don’t own one, to remain secure during harsh weather.

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3. Recycled Pallets House

Recycled Pallets House

If you have recycled pallet boards or woods, you can go with more serious carpentry work. You can build a cat mansion or gorgeous feline house using these wooden materials. A housing plan with A-frame is a quite popular option since it only keeps your pets safe but also looks fascinating in the yard.

Some people like to apply varnish so the structure can be a weatherproof DIY outdoor cat house and withstands the outdoor conditions for years ahead. Put a feeding bowl and a litter box in the house so it will ease your regular cleaning requirements.

You can design this wooden house to be a fully covered bottom area with an open plan deck. This will allow your cats to feel warm during the winter months and provide a cool area to laidback within the summer days.

4. Storage Container House

Storage Container House

Those who need to make an outdoor house for cats but need to go on a low budget can try using a storage container. Instead of buying the new one, some people often have storage containers in their house that are no longer. Rather than leave them useless, you can make them more useful for feral cat housing.

Not only doesn’t spend much money, but this container house is also super easy and quick to construct. This house design is worth considering if you want to have a weatherproof DIY outdoor cat house. Although it looks simple, it is effective to secure felines and making them comfortable to sleep in your yard.

Since most storage containers are made from plastic, it provides warm and dry space for felines to stay inside. You just need to make a few holes for the entrance and drainage to achieve that condition. Besides, there is still enough space to add fabrics or a pad that functions as a bed.

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5. Heated Winter House

Heated Winter House

People who like to play with creativity, don’t need to make a house plan. Just follow what comes into mind about how should the house look like and they can turn it into an eye-catching feline house. If you want to work with this concept, you can take a look at some examples from YouTube.

By looking into some inspirations and modifying them with your creativity, you can make a cat house with a stylish design and comfortable inside. To ensure your kitty remains warm during chilly winter, you can add a heating pad to the house.

Most importantly, you should apply a weatherproof DIY outdoor cat house design. Create a generous hole on the front of the house so your tabby friend can come and go as well as watch outside its house. Attach a carpet to its roof to allow the cat to sleep comfortably or relax when they are bored and stay inside.

Some people might use fabrics inside the house while others like to use straws for the insulation. Both materials are good to provide cozy days and nights for your feline pets or stray cats in your neighborhood.

Creating a weatherproof DIY outdoor cat house will facilitate the napping routines for your feline or feral cats. There are many good and affordable materials to explore that you can use to make fun and safe outdoor tabby houses.

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