10 Best DIY Bird Bath Ideas That Are Adorable & Unique!

One incredible way to make your backyard look fresher and more natural is by placing a DIY bird bath as a centerpiece. A bird bath is going to attract lovely birds. Those birds would love to stay around your backyard and bring life to your exterior.

If you want to create a bird-friendly landscape, the presence of a bird bath is crucial. Out there, you will find a lot of bird bath types to buy. But you can always make your own using any surrounding material. Ready to create the most outstanding bird bath for your backyard? Find some ideas below.

Fascinating DIY Bird Bath Ideas

You don’t have to buy pricey stuff to make a bird bath for the backyard. Look around you and use anything you can find to make your best version of a bird bath. However, you’ll need to collect some ideas before starting the project. Here are the ideas you’ll appreciate.

1. DIY bird bath with plastic planters

DIY bird bath with plastic planters

This is the simplest idea for those who don’t want to struggle. All you need is some planter saucers and pots. Stack them all into any shape you desire. And then glue them all to secure them. Use waterproof stuff for some sections that are going to hold water.

It is safer to use glue instead of screws or nails since glue won’t hurt the waterproof material and keep the water in its place. Paint the pots with the colors of flowers to attract the birds. Make sure they can stand stable on your ground so there won’t be any accidents.

2. Clay pot bird bath and feeder

Clay pot bird bath and feeder

Clay pots will be the best material to build a bird bath and bird feeder. Use those pots to create creative stacking or just some simple towers. The best idea you should try is the topsy turvy design that looks fun and unique at once.

Paint those pots in bright and stunning colors. Use the pots in the lower positions to plant flowers. Choose seed-bearing flowers that will attract many birds to your backyard.

3. DIY bird bath with teapots

DIY bird bath with teapots

Can you imagine inviting birds to a tea party? It is not a real tea party. It is a bird bath made of mismatched saucers, teapots, and cups. Blend them all by painting them with the same coat of paint. This idea is going to create a fun and memorable design.

For this project, you can use your miscellaneous crockery but you can also get them from the yard or thrift stores. Just don’t buy something new for the bird bath.

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4. Stacked stone DIY bird bath bowl

Stacked stone DIY bird bath bowl

A simple stone stack is not just a simple solution for a bird bath in the garden. It is also a rustic design that will create an amazing structure. Stone is also a natural material that will enhance the look of nature in your garden. For the bowl, used trash can lid made of galvanized.

Add a stone inside every basin to provide more perching space for the birds while keeping the trash can lid stays in place sturdily.

5. DIY bird bath from a glass lid

DIY bird bath from a glass lid

A bird bath doesn’t have to stay on the ground. You may want to try something unique like a hanging bird bath from a glass lid. You can hang this bird bath from a large tree branch, awning, or under the balcony. Use a glass lid as the bowl for the bird bath.

To hang the glass lid, use a chain that adds stability and durability to hang the bird bath. Also, the chain allows you to remove the glass lid easily when it is time to wash and clean the bird bath.

6. Awesome DIY bird bath with branches

Awesome DIY bird bath with branches

To make this outstanding bird bath to decorate your garden while attracting birds, use any bowl made of stone, concrete, or anything else that looks natural. Then gather some branches that are strong enough to hold that bowl. Those branches will be the legs for your bird bath.

Plant the branches on the ground and make sure they stand firm so they will hold the bowl more firmly and stable. Placing some unique bird baths like these will make your garden look more gorgeous and natural at once.

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7. DIY bird bath for a cottage-style garden

DIY bird bath for a cottage-style garden

If your garden has a cottage style, the best idea you should try is the unique bird bath with glass beads. First of all, get glassware that will be the base of your bird bath. And then get some other things ready: construction adhesive or gorilla glue and some glass beads in blue or green color.

Glue those glass beads to the glassware that functions as the bowl for the birdbath. Now, place the gorgeous bird bath in the center of your garden.

8. DIY fountain bird bath

DIY fountain bird bath

You can also make your fountain and let the birds relax in the middle of your garden. Get at least two planters of different sizes, a PVC pipe to let the water flow and create the fountain, and a drum filled with water through the pipe. You also need to put screen wire to keep the drain holes clean.

Birds love to bring some seeds and they may drop those seeds when using the bird bath. Those seeds will clog the drain holes.

9. DIY bird bath with bathroom sink

DIY bird bath with bathroom sink

If you have a bathroom sink left over after a refurbishment or construction, use it to create the most unique bird bath. The sink can be a pedestal, wall mounted, or floating. Plug the bathroom sink and then seal it shut. Then you can fill the sink with pebbles before filling it with water.

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10. Salvaged chair bird bath

Salvaged chair bird bath

Use any broken chair to make this wonderful bird bath. Any chair, whether metal or wood, will be awesome for this project, as long as it doesn’t have any fabric or cushion. Then place a tray on top of the chair and fill it with water. Before placing the tray, waterproof your chair with any outdoor paint.

How are you going to make your DIY bird bath? Try one of the ten ideas above or combine some ideas to make the most gorgeous ornaments for your garden.

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