8 Plant Combination Ideas for Container Garden Full sun

Plant combination ideas for container gardens are useful to make your planters more beautiful. A container garden can present a focal point to your patio or outdoor space. Becomes one of the widely loved garden features, the main concept of container gardens is by two or more types of plants.

With so many gardening ideas available, creating this beautiful garden feature is now completely easy. All you have to do is fill the container with soil and arrange the plants you want to grow in that container. It will create lush as well as add both color and texture that makes your outdoor space more appealing.

8 Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens

Here are several ideas to combine plants for your container garden that are worth trying for a more beautiful outdoor area.

1. Thriller, Filler, and Spiller


Combining thriller, filler, and spiller is the secret formula to creating beautiful container gardens. These ideas for plants in containers refer to three types of plants.

The thriller is the main plant and a real showstopper. Since it is commonly a taller vertical plant, a thriller is usually placed in the middle of the container.

The filler refers to secondary plants that help fill the space and makes the container looks fuller. Fillers are often arranged in shape to complement the thriller. Meanwhile, the spillers are plants that are put on the side of a container to add dimension and interest as well as soften the look of the container’s edges.

2. Veggies Container Garden


There are numerous edible plants that not only have delicious tastes but also colorful foliage. Adding a vegetable into your container plantings can be a good idea. You can combine taller veggies and smaller veggies to create a gorgeous look in the container garden.

For instance, you can plant bigger veggies such as carrots, beets, tomatoes, or peppers in the middle of a container because it allows their roots to grow deeper in the soil. You can complement the look by combining them with smaller vegetables like spinach, peas, lettuce, or radishes.

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3. Veggies Garden Mixed Planter


You shouldn’t always go with whole vegetables in a container. Growing veggies mixed with other planters can be one of the great plant combination ideas for container gardens. Edible plants including vegetables can be mixed with ornamental plants like perennials to present a beautiful visual.

Some veggies such as Swiss chards, artichokes, chives, and onions have fanciful foliage that makes them look fascinating when grown in garden pots. You can combine some of those veggies with small flowery plants in a single pot so you can see overflowing colorful flowers that exude happiness in the garden.

4. Mixed Succulents


Raise in popularity, mixed succulents also serve as great plant combination ideas for container gardens. Succulents flourish in outdoor containers and these plants can survive in more heat and drought compared with other plants commonly grown in pots. They are available in various fascinating colors as well.

If you want to create a container garden with mixed succulents, you have to have a drainage hole on it because these plants cannot survive in excess moisture. This condition causes rotten roots in the plants. Mixed the soil with sand and gravel so the water can flow out from the pot without creating high humidity.

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5. Tropical Container Garden


Applying a tropical concept also can be one of the interesting plant combination ideas for container gardens. A combination of several tropical plants can create a focal point on your patio or terrace. Various tropical plants have dramatic looks. Hence, you can add lushness and color by combining them.

For example, you can grow bananas, taro plants, or Canna Lilies in the middle of the pot since these plants appear higher. Besides their green foliage, they produce flowers or fruits in vibrant colors. Then, you can complement the space with lower tropical perennials.

6. Mixed Flower Plants in Burgundy


Going with particular color to be the main attraction also becomes one of the nice plant combination ideas for container gardens to try. Among various colors available, burgundy can be an interesting color to be presented in the garden or other spots of your outdoor spaces.

For instance, you can plant Cordyline fruticosa which has burgundy foliage in the middle of the container so it presents as the main plant. To make a burgundy color more dominant, you can complement it with burgundy Petunia. The remaining space can be filled with green plants.

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7. Country Garden Planters


Sticking to the country design also sounds unique when it is applied to the container garden. This option belongs to the best plant combination ideas for container gardens if you want to create a simple and elegant look. A white hydrangea bush in the middle of the pot serves as a beautiful main plant.

It will be better if you use clay pots or plastic pots as the containers especially if you plan to add larger shrubs inside. Those types of containers are effective to help the soil in holding moisture. So, the plants remain healthy and fresh although they grow in a hot and dry climate.

8. Herbs Container Garden


If you want to create a container garden that not only looks beautiful but is also useful for daily life, planting herbs can be the best idea to take. Even a group of herbs can provide an appealing look if you arrange them well inside the container. You can arrange the herbs based on their heights or colors.

There are numerous herbs with pretty shades of greens that you can grow as the main plant. For instance, you can choose deep green rosemary, teal green thyme, or silver green sage because they can grow taller. Then, you can combine the main plant with lower herbs like parsley, basil, and garlic chives.

Plant combination ideas for container gardens help you to make great plant arrangements since combining various plants in a single pot sometimes can be confusing. Besides choosing types of plants, it is important to consider where to place the container so you can make it looks standout.

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