8 Cheap Ways to Block a Neighbor’s View: Ultimate Guide!

Cheap ways to block neighbors’ view can be alternative solutions to add privacy to your garden or backyards. Whether you commonly hold outdoor parties, own a swimming pool, or want to enjoy glorious solitude, keeping that area away from wandering eyes is important. It makes you more comfortable too.

Building fences frequently becomes the primary solution that people go with. However, there are numerous ideas that you can choose to improve seclusion aside from using a fence. Moreover, they work as effectively as fences in providing privacy but most important of all is you don’t need to spend much money to have it.

8 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s View for More Privacy

Here are several different privacy solutions that are more affordable to keep your presence unseen from the outside world.

1. Hedges


Plant hedges becomes one of the popular and easy ways to block neighbor’s view. Besides, if you want to go within a budget option, choosing this green option will work well. Known as the most natural method to avoid strangers’ views, you can enjoy the lush greenery of the plants and fresh air in your garden or yard.

You can combine hedges with other flowering plants to give a more interesting look to your outdoor space. However, hedges often require more space than just a line, especially when they grow. Hence, it is important to talk with your neighbor before planting them, particularly if your neighbor’s house is fairly close.

2. Vines on Trellis

Vines on Trellis

Trellis refers to an architectural structure that may come from various materials such as pieces of wood, interwoven bamboo, metal, and an open framework. This structure is commonly used to support the vine growth or climbing plants so they can grow in the preferred direction.

Combining both trellis and vines can provide a visual barrier to your garden or backyard. Compared to installing fences, this structure is smaller and uses minimal materials to create. Hence, it is not only simple to put up but also lower in cost.

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3. Container Garden

Container Garden

Making a container garden is one of the cheap ways to block neighbor’s view especially if you have naturally growing plants. Surrounding the particular outdoor space with beautiful and well-arranged plants can provide a wonderful garden feeling. It is pleasant for the eyes when you combine it with flowering plants.

This option perhaps will require more care compared to other privacy solutions but if you enjoy the process, it serves as a great spot to spend your time.

You can experiment with different shapes, textures, and colors of the materials to create containers for your plants. It not only becomes an artwork but also protects the area.

4. Trees


Planting trees becomes a good option to block the view from people outside in your backyard. It offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution as they grow over the years. Compared with other blocking options trees come with less consistent coverage but it is suitable for you who prefer more porous boundaries.

Watching trees grow is a beautiful process. The leaf coverage from trees provides overhead shade and they create a small ecosystem in your garden. Other plants commonly grow near the trees and they will invite some birds to build their nests.

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5. Layered Plants

Layered Plants

If you have a larger backyard, going with layered plants becomes one of the cheap ways to block neighbors’ view. You can grow different kinds of plants including trees, shrubs, and perennials. Moreover, if you group them based on their types or height, they will form layered plants and present a more naturalistic boundary. It offers a beautiful visual to the garden too.

If your outdoor spaces include a terrace, higher patio, or second-story window, you can plant various shade trees. These trees usually grow between 25 and 60 feet in height so they can protect higher spots in your garden from strangers’ view. They create shade in the summer so the outdoor space is not too hot.

6. Old Wooden Doors

Old Wooden Doors

You can go with cheap ways to block neighbor’s view by reusing old house materials. Sometimes several wooden doors are no longer used. Otherwise, you can get them from the junkyard. You can turn them to be a barrier for the backyard by simply connecting them with screws at some parts.

Make beams in the ground and arrange those old wooden doors vertically. You can use your creativity such as by placing lower doors on both sides. This kind of arrangement not only provides visual protection to the garden but also forms an interesting façade in your outdoor space.

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7. Lattice Screen

Lattice Screen

Performs like a trellis, a lattice screen is available in different shapes and designs so it makes a great visual barrier. You can explore this material such as going minimalist with a wooden hexagonal design or fancier with ornate designs of the wrought iron screen.

Without a plant combination, a lattice screen offers a lovely vibe of protection. It is also more suitable for you who are looking for cheap ways to block neighbors’ view with more porous options. It offers an outdoor spot where you can enjoy solitude but still be able to say hi to the neighbors.

8. Cascading Landscape

Cascading Landscape

Cascading landscape is a good option if you have uneven land of garden or yard. Hence, before applying it, you have to consider the structure of your outdoor space. Providing visual protection with different heights is a natural and simple way to make the outdoor space more optimal.

For instance, for the sloping parts, you can arrange different plants or natural stones. You can create stairs leading to a hidden area for seating or mingling with family members. Since working with different structures of the yard often can be difficult when done alone, you can ask for help from a professional landscaper.

Cheap ways to block neighbor’s view are available in a variety of options. There are completely natural ways and some others by combining them with other materials. You need to consider the level of privacy that you will create in your outdoor space so you can choose the right solution for more seclusion.

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