10 Flower Bed Ideas to Dress Up Your Landscape Edging

Flower bed edging will add a distinctive appeal to your garden. Adding edging will help you differentiate an area from the other areas. Edging’s most common purpose is to divide the ends of the lawn and the beginning of your garden. But you can also use edging to locate the sitting areas and flower beds.

To make your garden look more outstanding, you need some ideas related to the flower bed. Those ideas are going to inspire you to turn your garden into a more beautiful outdoor space. Mix these ideas with your creativity and you will get the best landscape behind the house.

Unique and Creative Flower Bed Edging Ideas

Any type of material will be a great material to build edging. If you have been looking for the best ideas for your garden edging, you will find incredible inspirations below. You can use anything to build a garden edging.

1. Metal flower bed edging

Metal flower bed edging

Edging made of metal is super tough. This incredible material will withstand extreme temperatures and weather. This one is the most practical choice if you are looking for long-term edging. But you need to learn about the strength of every type of metal.

Aluminum edging is an excellent option for curved areas. Aluminum won’t suffer from rust. But unlike steel, aluminum may lose its shape faster.

2. Red brick garden flower bed edging

Red brick garden flower bed edging

Here comes the most common material for the edging. Place your red bricks individually. This material is also the best one to make curved edging easily. Choose the short ends of red brick and you will create a thin appearance. Or consider the wide ends of red bricks to create thicker edging.

Red brick will look excellent if your exterior walls or fencing also have the same material. You can find and get red bricks easily today.

3. Elegant flower bed edging

Elegant flower bed edging

White marbles are the best thing to make your garden look elegant. Crushed white marbles were famous in the 1950s to 1960s. Though it is not the most famous option today, white marbles are still one of the most practical options.

White marbles are cheap but they have beautiful colors that will create a gorgeous contrast between your property and greenery. When you combine the white marble with grass, you will get a beach-like appearance.

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4. Cool DIY flower bed edging

Cool DIY flower bed edging

Many people love DIY projects. One of the most fantastic DIY projects to consider is the DIY edging with drinking bottles. Collect drinking bottles from your warehouse and then use them to create a unique and personalized bed border.

What if there are not enough bottles to make bed edging? Colored glass bottles are available in yard sales. Get the most beautiful ones for your garden.

5. Cylinder flower bed edging

Cylinder flower bed edging

This idea is for those looking for vintage decoration for the garden. Use steel cylinders filled with pebbles to create edging for your garden. Those cylinders will corrode in time, leaving them with a rust appearance that will create an excellent worn-out look.

To make them look more gorgeous, fill the holes of those cylinders with soil and other materials to grow succulents. They will beautify your garden.

6. Most natural garden edging

Most natural garden edging

To create the most natural edging, get some blocks of wood. Cut them in the same length and they will be natural poles edging your garden. Between the woods, pill some stones in various colors and sizes. Get a uniform look by using your measuring tape.

The measuring tape is going to help you get a uniform distance between every wooden block. This way, your garden will look more organized.

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7. Flower bed edging with plates

Flower bed edging with plates

China plates will be an outstanding material to create garden edging. Use blue and white colored plates to complete your garden that has green, yellow, and other flowers. You need to stack around one-third or half of those plates in the ground to get stability.

You are free to use any plate in any pattern or color to create this type of garden edging. Just make sure you create uniform height from those plates.

8. Awesome wooden disks

Awesome wooden disks

If you are planning to trim your trees, keep the cut wood. Cut the thick branches or removed logs into two-inched disks made of wood. You don’t have to get disks in similar sizes. After cutting them all, place the wooden disk on the pathway. Before placing them, dig the soil a little bit.

This is going to make sure that the surface will be even. This will also prevent your disks from being dislodged accidentally when your foot comes in contact with them.

9. Flower bed edging from wine crates

Flower bed edging from wine crates

Wine bottles are not the only things you can recycle. You can also recycle the wine crates and use them to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Where will you find those crates? Some liquor stores may give those crates away for free. Some others will sell those crates for cheap.

If you have wooden crates, they will be a great alternative to wine crates. Be creative in using wine or wooden crates to create edging for the garden.

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10. Old wooden doors edging

Old wooden doors edging

How many old doors are lying around your house? If there are too many of them, place those doors side by side. They will be a division or a fence for your garden. Even though they have different sizes and colors, they will give you an incredible look if you plant them and make them have equal height.

This idea will be the most unique one. However, you may have to work harder to cut the doors and create equal height. You also need to make sure they all stand firm and will face the weather and changing temperatures properly. The preparation may be more complicated than the other ideas.

Flower bed edging ideas are going to make your wonderful garden look gorgeous. Choose one that won’t make you work harder to create the edging. If you love a DIY project, consider the most creative idea, and your garden will be outstanding. If possible, try to create an edging idea by yourself.

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