10 Outdoor Bar Ideas on a Budget for Party

Impressing friends and guests is a goal of many people when they are looking for excellent outdoor bar ideas. An outdoor bar can be the most comfortable space for you and your best friends to celebrate BBQ night in the summer. This outdoor bar will be an impressive little paradise in your backyard.

You don’t have to leave the house to get a good drink and enjoy fresh beers with friends while watching soccer games together. You don’t even need to change out of the clothes if there is an outdoor bar just next to your back door. Below, you will find the best ideas to create one in the backyard.

Outstanding Outdoor Bar Ideas on a Budget

Build your outdoor bar right in the corner of your backyard. If you have no idea how to build the most fascinating and entertaining outdoor bar, some ideas below will entertain you. Pick one that suits your backyard and then start building your incredible outdoor bar.

1. Outdoor bar ideas with mini fridge

Outdoor bar ideas with mini fridge

This is a DIY outdoor bar. Get ready a mini fridge and prepare a space to place this thing. Then build a bar table that will accommodate the mini-fridge. Your fridge shouldn’t be placed on the ground. Use woods to build the bar table and then try to find barstools that match the bar table.

Place some ornaments on the table. No need to look for a place for the bottles since you can place them inside the mini-fridge.

2. Gazebo bar with roof

Gazebo bar with roof

This one is for those who have a lot of friends to entertain. Build a circular-shaped gazebo bar that will accommodate many people. Place many wicker barstools around the bar and let this outdoor bar host memorable parties with your friends or guests.

The roof can be a nice place to hang some mini lamps or any other ornament to beautify your outdoor bar. Just make sure the roof can provide cover to anyone.

3. Outdoor bar ideas with built-in cooler

Outdoor bar ideas with built-in cooler

Fill the table with bottles and let anyone get their favorite one without leaving the bar. To build this extraordinary bar design, you need to build a patio table with built-in ice boxes in the middle of the table. When you’re going to entertain your guests, fill the ice boxes with ice.

The ice boxes will hold the bottles for a longer time. Your party will be more fun and you will be able to impress all visitors.

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4. A bar next to the pool

A bar next to the pool

You will love this outstanding idea if you are planning to build a pool in the backyard. When designing a private pool, you need to consider putting a bar right on one edge of the pool. Build some underwater barstools from weatherproof materials.

Those barstools allow your guests to sit down right in front of the bar table without leaving the pool. You can serve the best drinks while allowing them to relax in the pool. Your guests will love this.

5. Most perfect outdoor bar ideas

Most perfect outdoor bar ideas

For many people, the most perfect outdoor bar inspiration is the side table bar. Use woods to make a super tiny bar right into the side table. This way, your guest will be able to reach their drink easily and refill their glass without leaving their cozy spot.

When building a side table bar, complete the small wooden table with a wine bucket to place a bottle of wine and some wine glass holders.

6. Sewing cabinet bar from wood

Sewing cabinet bar from wood

Your furniture, especially ones you never used anymore, will be a nice element for your outdoor bar. A sewing cabinet, for example, will create a rustic outdoor bar in your backyard. Turn your sewing cabinet into a unique serving station. Paint it with a bold color that matches your exterior.

The table top of the sewing cabinet allows you to place many things. Make sure this cabinet is still able to stand firm and won’t break when you place things on top of it.

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7. Industrial outdoor bar ideas

Industrial outdoor bar ideas

If your interior has an industrial style, consider bringing the style into your backyard. The best way to create an industrial accent for your exterior is by building a bar cart using beautifully stained wood and some dark metal pipes. The dark tones will bring an industrial feel to your backyard.

Complete the bar cart with some wine glass holders and make sure the cart has some wheels to ease you in moving the cart.

8. Cool trailer bar in the backyard

Cool trailer bar in the backyard

This is one of many modern outdoor bar ideas to consider. An old trailer is a wonderful element. You can use an old trailer to build anything you desire, like an outdoor bar. Renew the look of your old trailer so you will get a fresh and cute outdoor bar to entertain your guests.

This idea is the most excellent one if you love entertaining friends regularly. There is no need to move the bottles, they will be safe in the trailer.

9. Unique outdoor bar ideas with surfboard

Unique outdoor bar ideas with surfboard

For those who love surfing, a unique outdoor bar with a surfboard countertop is the most outstanding idea to consider. This countertop will help you create a feeling of a beachy vacation. When your guests sit around the surfboard, they will realize what your passion is and there will be a topic for conversation.

To complete this unique outdoor bar, consider hanging some beach-themed accessories or hang some of your surfboard collections on the exterior wall.

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10. Small outdoor bar ideas

Small outdoor bar ideas

A bucket tree is the most creative idea for those who don’t have a lot of space to create an outdoor bar. Build this bucket tree by using a pipe to create the branches. And then hang some metal buckets on those branches. Fill those smaller buckets with drink necessities like plastic cups, spoons, and so on.

And then fill the biggest bucket at the bottom of the tree with ice and some cans. Your summer party will be fun though the space isn’t so big.

Those ten outdoor bar ideas will make the exterior look more inviting and entertaining. Try one of those ideas or be creative with your idea.

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