16 Creative & Modern Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

There are a lot of indoor plant wall ideas to decorate your space. Indoor plants are more unique than outdoor plants, from the place, planter, and type of the plants. From those considerations, choosing an indoor plant wall should be careful.

The DIY project for the plant walls is easy. As long as you have the simple materials and tools to execute the project, the plant wall will beautify the room. Here are some ideas that you might get inspired by and the option of the plants to fit the style of the indoor plant wall.

16 Creative & Modern Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

1. Wood trellis plant wall

Wood trellis plant wall

Trellis’s idea is a good one as indoor plant wall ideas. It adds charm and dimension to the space, especially if the room doesn’t have any decoration. Trellis makes the space lively, moreover, plants are hanging on it. DIY is practical since the trellis-style uses wood to hang the pot.

2. Jar glasses

Jar glasses

Too lazy to create DIY? You can create a mini vas from the unused jar. Jars have a lot of shapes and it adds decoration to the plain wall. To stick it to the wall, use hot glue and it works. Usually, the transparent jars are perfect for the water plants so it looks more aesthetic on the wall.

3. Plywood


Plywood can create modern indoor plant wall ideas. Creating the shapes from plywood is easy, and the bottom part is an additional holder for the pot. After that, hang the plywood planted on the wall. There are several shapes to try. This DIY is easy and the material is affordable to decorate the wall.

4. A plant hanger

A hanger can be a planter as well. It’s easy to do it yourself by preparing the long stick and hanging it on the wall. After that, each hanger is hung on the stick. It’s horizontal planter style and the metal stick can hold a lot of pots at once. Make sure the stick hanger is strong enough.

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5. Greenery on pots

Greenery on pots

This idea is good if your space has enough sunlight in the room. Greenery will be yellow-ish and it needs high maintenance as well. Put the greenery on the pots and hang them on the wall. It creates a mini jungle atmosphere in space. It’s perfect for the living room or family room.

6. Rustic planters

Rustic planters

Putting the plants on rustic planters is not a bad idea. Some planters are not rusted and simply have a color like that. The vibes from a wall that has rustic planters are classic yet farmhouse. However, the perfect plant for the indoor wall plant ideas on wall is a snake plant or cactus.

7. Lush faux

Lush faux

Ush faux can be another idea if you are into the greenery. The lush faux can carry a lot of mini plants in its pockets. However, the maintenance has to be so extra. Green lush faux mixes with colorful mini plants are excellent decorations for the wall. Choose the plants that don’t need a lot of water.

8. Wooden frame

The wooden frame is another option to create a more beautiful look in the space. Each frame is rectangular. The pot is at the center of the frame. For a bigger plant, then the frame must be bigger. The empty wall will not be boring anymore.

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9. Basket planter

Basket planter

It’s easy to do by yourself and it has an accent for the wall itself. A plastic basket or wooden basket works well for the wall, as long as there is space to put the soil in it. Usually, the basket size is only about 15 cm in diameter. Greenery is the best plant for indoor plant wall ideas.

10. Fence Board

Fence Board

Creating a mini fence board on the wall as the planter is a good idea. The fence is made from wooden or plywood. Fence board is easy to create the planter by DIY and it doesn’t cost a lot. You can put a lot of plants on one fence board. It’s either cactus or greenery, the plant up to your preference.

11. Geometric holders

Geometric holders

Geometric planters are unique and perfect for a plain wall indoors. It gives dimension and charm, especially if the space has less furniture. The shape can be anything and adds value to the space. However, a geometric holder is only suitable for plants that don’t need a lot of water.

12. Grid frame

Grid frame

DIY grid frame for the planters is easy. You only need some wood bars and metal wire to create the grid inside the frame. After that, the mini pot hangs on the wire. Grid frame is an option for small or big spaces and the size is adjustable according to your need.

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13. Curtain rod

Curtain rod

The curtain rod can be a stick to hang some planters. The space is more lively, especially if the plants are greener. Make sure the curtain rod isn’t rusted, so the curtain rod is strong enough to hold the pots. This style fits small indoor spaces.

14. Minimalist fence grid

Minimalist fence grid

Another option to try indoors is the mini fence grid. The fence grid is wooden. The pot hangs in there. The size is not big since this idea works well for the corner of the wall as indoor plant wall shelf ideas. With white paint, the contrast color of the plant is eye-catching to look at.

15. The hanging herb

The hanging herb

Herb is versatile indoor wall plant ideas to decorate the room or eat later. Herb size is nice since it doesn’t grow tall but bushy. As long as the trimming is proper, the hanging herb can be a beautiful garden indoors. Put the hanging herb plant in a mini and colorful pot.

16. Pegboard


A pegboard has a lot of holes to hang the pot. One peg board may carry a lot of plants at a closed distance or otherwise. Creating a peg board is easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Pegboard is made from plywood and can be a mini shelf as well.

The indoor plant wall ideas above are good inspirations to beautify the plain wall. The big or large ones are perfect for the living room or family room. The small styles are for narrow spaces such as the kitchen or bedroom.

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