17 Best Begonia Varieties With Names

One of the most popular plants to decorate indoor and outdoor gardens is the begonia. There are a lot of begonia varieties with names and it’s able to be found worldwide. The flowers are pretty and it blooms every season in the tropics. For the area with spring, begonia blooms beautifully until summer.

Begonia doesn’t need a lot of sun exposure, as long as there’s sunlight for about four to five hours a day. It’s easy to maintain and there’s no extra treatment for this plant. Here are the popular varieties of begonia you can choose for your indoor or outdoor garden.

17 Best Begonia Varieties with Names

1. Cocktail rum

Cocktail rum

The cocktail rum is part of the wax begonia series. It has a lot of flowers and the color is blushing pink. The leaves are maroon and it dominates more than the green color. The petals of the flower are smaller than other begonia types. The size is only up to 8 inches.

2. Whopper rose

Whopper rose

As the name suggests, the whopper rose has the same color as the rose. It’s a reddish flower and the leaves are maroon. It is a wax begonia varieties with names but only grows once a year in tropical areas. At the mature age, the plant grows up to 30 inches. It’s way more perfect for the outdoor plant than indoor.

3. Ambassador white

Ambassador white

This plant is in the classic begonia variety. As the name is, the flower petal is white and the leaves are bright green. The flower is lovely since it’s only a single petal. Once it blooms, the flower will dominate the plant and cover the leaves. This begonia is usually for hanging indoor planters.

4. Fandango


The most popular bicolor begonia variety is fandango. The flower has different shapes than others since it blooms beautifully with a flock of petals to create a full flower. The margin is blushing pink and the rest of the petal is white. Each flower is large and one plant might have more than one.

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5. Nonstop orange

Nonstop orange

In the non-stop begonia varieties with names, there’s nonstop orange as one of them. It’s a large begonia and the color is bright orange. Some stems might have two fluffy flowers. The bold color might not be for everyone and the vibrant orange is quite rare in the garden.

6. Cascade


Cascade is a tuberous variety of begonia. The flower is very large and it blooms in pink shades. At the center of the flower, the color is white. Each plant in the pot might only have one fluffy flower. This type of begonia is perfect to put in a basket.

7. Sunset shade

Sunset shade

This type is part of the tuberous variety. The name itself comes from its color. It is similar to sunset shade. The flower is large, fluffy, and heavy. The pale yellow is beautiful to grow both outdoors and indoors. Putting it in a container may be the best option.

8. Nonstop yellow

Nonstop yellow

It’s the part of the tuberous flower where the flower is large and fluffy. The color of this begonia varieties with names is vibrant yellow and contrasts with the green leaves it has. The flowers will brighten up the area, especially outdoors. You need to trim it properly since the stem might have another flower.

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9. Amstel Clara

Amstel Clara

This is one of Rieger varieties of begonia. The height is only up to 16 inches. The petal is beautifully white and appears like a mini white rose. A lot of people use this flower to brighten up the shade. However, the Amstel Clara type is easy to die because of the water drip. So, put it under the shade.

10. Amstel batik

Amstel batik

The shape looks like Amstel Clara, but Amstel batik has a different color. It appears like a rose and is part of the Rieger begonia variety. Sometimes, it has the shade of coral orange, depending on the season it grows. Usually, this begonia grows well under the shade garden.

11. Elatior Borias

Elatior Borias

One of the popular flowers from the Rieger variety is Elatior Borias. It has creamy colors, mixed with white and pink. It appears like a dusty rose or salmon pink. Even though it looks classic, this type is lovely for an indoor plant. It fits the romantic theme and can replace the role of the rose.

12. Amstel blitz

Amstel blitz

The color of Amstel blitz is super bright with a yellow shade for the petal. The leaves are dark green and they give a beautiful contrast. This type can grow all season and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Amstel blitz is favored by many because it gives vibrance to the garden.

13. Angelique


This type is part of hanging begonia and it appears beautifully in the garden. The petal is white and pink, meanwhile, the stem has a light blushing pink shade. As a begonia varieties with names hanging, angelique might grow better and the flower goes out from the pot itself.

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14. Summerwings


Even though the name of the flower is Summerwings, it doesn’t only grow in the summer. The petal has long shapes and it’s a hanging begonia variety. The color is bright red and the foliage is quite dark. From afar, it looks like red hot chili.

15. Bellaconia soft orange

Bellaconia soft orange

It has a medium size and the color of this begonia varieties with names is soft orange. It’s a hanging variety and the flower will be more beautiful if it grows in a basket. Sometimes, the color is creamy. It’s stunning under a shade and pairing it with bacopa is a good idea.

16. Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova

This type is unique as a hanging begonia. The flower will bloom widely and the petal has a long size. The center of the flower itself is yellow. On a hanging basket, the flower is dropping down. Trimming and extra maintenance are the things the gardener should do.

17. Waterfall Encanto

Waterfall Encanto

Another type of hanging begonia is Waterfall Encanto. It has a large reddish to orange color hand hanging beautifully since the petals are long. It fits the basket or hanging vase as long as the trimming of the plant is proper.

The begonia varieties with names above are the most beautiful ones. The gardeners love begonia since it doesn’t need extra maintenance. Either on the pot or hanging basket, the begonia is easy to grow beautifully in the spring or summer season.

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