Best Types of Ivy Houseplants with Pictures

The ivy plant is a beautiful shrub to cover the ground of your garden. Some ivy plants are the best type for indoors as well. Most ivy plants are green. The rest plants are colorful and eye-catching types of ivy houseplants.

Ivy plants need trimming since most plants are vigorous, especially for indoor presence. It can be a good oxygen source as well. Here are some ivy plants that you might choose to beautify your garden indoors.

Best Types of Ivy Houseplants with Pictures

1. Buttercup Ivy

Buttercup Ivy

This type is quite popular since it’s evergreen and easy to find in every zone. The leaves are yellow. Usually, buttercup ivy grows well in big pots or as a garden border. The mature size is up to 7 feet. However, buttercup will bloom in the fall because of the partial sun with sandy soil.

2. Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy

This type is an evergreen one. It grows well in winter and summer. During a full sun climate, the foliage of these types of ivy houseplants will turn dark green to have more chlorophyll. Sometimes, Swedish ivy has some flowers and the colors are purple or white.

3. Duckfoot Ivy

Duckfoot Ivy

Another name for Duckfoot ivy is hedera helix. It has a small size, with only up to 5 feet when it’s mature. The leaves are round-shaped and look like duck feet. It’s hardy, so it doesn’t need extra maintenance, Dukfoot ivy grows best in full sun or full shade. The flower color is white.

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4. Bush Ivy

Bush Ivy

Bush ivy is the result of crossing with Fatsia japonica. It has a high tolerance for harsh weather, both summer, and winter. It’s a shrub type of ivy, so it’s best to cover the ground. This houseplant doesn’t need a lot of sun exposure. With acid soil, this hybrid ivy still grows well without problems.

5. Shamrock Ivy

Shamrock Ivy

Shamrock ivy grows as a shrub plant. Sometimes, people name it cloverleaf ivy because it looks like a clover leaf. Usually, the plant grows well in a pot as greenery indoors or outdoors. The maximum size is only up to 3 feet. It’s starting to grow in late summer to winter.

6. Irish ivy

Irish ivy

Irish ivy is everywhere in Atlantic areas, such as Ireland, Iceland, and the UK. The beauty makes it popular since it has a dark emerald color. The texture is soft and the leaves are artistic. The types of ivy houseplants can grow taller up to 30 meters in height. It suits only outdoor gardens because of the size.

7. Baltic ivy

Baltic ivy

The name baltic comes because this plant grows well even in a harsh winter. It stays green even without full sun and will cover the ground. The bottom part is small and woody. The leaf has white veins, but it only appears during summer. The mature size is only 4 feet.

8. Persian Ivy

Persian Ivy

Persian ivy has glossy leaves and the colors are yellow to green. The texture of this ivy is very soft. The leaf itself is very big and the size of each of them is up to 25 cm. As groundcover ivy, it looks best since the ground with this ivy will look like a green lush faux carpet.

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9. Russian ivy

Russian ivy

This type is very popular because it has beautiful white flowers. It’s a vigorous plant and you need extra maintenance such as trimming and cleaning. Russian ivy also has high tolerance in any type of climate. The trees will bloom in summer and fall. Mostly, this plant exists in China and Tibet.

10. Goldchild ivy

Goldchild ivy

Goldchild ivy comes with five-pointed leaves shaped and they are neat. The edge of the leaves is yellowish to gold, meanwhile, the center part is green. Goldchild is one of the types of ivy houseplants that is well-known as a comforting plant because of its color.

11. Needlepoint ivy

Needlepoint ivy

This plant has pointed lobes and veins all over the leaves, It’s evergreen and becomes comforting greenery for the garden. The leaves are dark green to emerald and it’s fresh for an indoor-type plant. Cutting the needlepoint ivy is a must since it’s very vigorous.

12. Tripod ivy

Tripod ivy

The name tripod comes because the lobes in every leaf are three. It grows up with a glossy texture. The veins on the leaves are light white. The foliage of this variety is thicker than other ivy plants. This ivy is poisonous to cats. The mature size of this plant is up to 4 meters in height.

13. Japanese Ivy

Japanese Ivy

Japan also has beautiful ivy and the name is Japanese ivy. It grows naturally in Japan and is hard to find anywhere else. It’s an elegant plant that everyone makes as an indoor plant. It grows well even in partial shade and the size is up to 9 meters. The color looks like the leaves in fall.

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14. Canarian ivy

Canarian ivy

The look of Canarian ivy is similar to English types of ivy houseplants because the foliage is dark green. It gives the vibe of evergreen and this plant will grow well in every climate. The contour of the leaves is wavy and that’s the interesting part. People choose this ivy to create an old and classic garden.

15. Boston ivy

Boston ivy

This ivy has glossy leaves. The color of the leaf is dark emerald green. Instead of covering the ground, Boston ivy is a good option to cover the wall. The leaves will turn yellow and red once the season changes to fall. The size of this ivy is up to 15 meters.

16. Algerian Ivy

Algerian Ivy

Even though it spreads widely in the US and Africa, Algerian ivy has now become the most popular ivy. The types of ivy houseplants grow well in tropical areas with dark emerald green at the center of the leaf and the margin is yellow. It’s an indoor plant or hanging plant.

17. Himalayan ivy

Himalayan ivy

This type has a deep green color. A lot of people have this plant indoors or outdoors. It’s good as a ground cover or vine. Himalayan ivy doesn’t need full sun. It grows well even in partial shade. The blooming time is from summer to fall.

The types of ivy houseplants above are good choices in case you need beautiful ivy indoors. They are easy to maintain as the greenery inside the room. Make sure your space has sunlight through the window to make the ivy plants stay evergreen.

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