7 Easy Steps About How To Get Rid Of Clover

People who have a lawn need to know how to get rid of clover. There are some reasons why this plant may grow in your yard. It can be because of the soil in the area or the way you regularly cut the grass.

Some people probably want to have some clover plants on their lawn. However, most of them want to remove them. 

There are several techniques to do. You can use the natural method or the organic one. Using harsh chemicals is also an option but you do not need it.

This article presents some of the best ways to remove the clover in your yard naturally. No need to worry since it will not damage the grass at all. 

Besides, we also provide more information or knowledge about clover.

The Identification of Clover

In the future, you may see some small, round, white, or pink flowers on your lawn. That attracts bees to buzzing around the space. 

Hence, these things indicate the clover’s existence. The most common variety of clover is the white one. We have an article that discussed the type of clover that can help you identify them.

How to Get Rid of Clover with Natural Ways

To deal with clover in your yard naturally, here are the best steps:

1. Pull It Out By Hand

If the clover problem seems to be in a form of small patches, just go with the easiest way. Pull the plants out with your hand. 

Use a spade to loosen the soil gently. Take it out including the roots and all. Make sure you do not leave any of the plant’s components inside to prevent the clover from growing back.

2. Block It From Sunlight and Oxygen

It is such a simple but clever solution to deal with clover. You can just kill the plants by blocking their nutrients. This way will not allow them to grow healthy and eventually die.

As we know, most plants including clover need sunlight and oxygen to grow. Let them die by themselves by covering the clover with any sort of plastic sheeting. 

Use some rocks to secure the plastic sheeting on each corner from the wind blow. You will see the impact in several weeks. 

However, be careful while applying this technique. The part grass that gets covered will also be killed during the process. So, be sure about that.

3. Use Vinegar Solution

It is some kind of non-toxic weed killer to make at home. Just spray this vinegar solution to the clover regularly to kill it. 

Firstly, create the mixture. Prepare a cup of water, one cup of vinegar, and a drop of dish soap.

Then, mix them all up by shaking them in the spraying bottle. There you have it, your very own weed killer. Just spray it onto the patches you have found on your lawns

The substance in vinegar will cause the clover leaves to dry out. Besides, it prevents the spreading of mites on the weeds.

The use of dish soap in the mix is to make sure the vinegar sticks onto the leaves. To kill off the weed completely, spray them over several weeks. 

One thing to consider is that the vinegar can also damage the grass, so use it carefully.

4. Apply an Organic Herbicide

One of the most well-known products to use is the A.D.I.O.S. This is a recommended organic herbicide to kill clover without damaging the grass next to it. 

Use this organic herbicide by simply spraying it on the clover. Eventually, the plant will weaken and die.

Another recommended product when the A.D.I.O.S. is not available. You can choose to have the Bonide clover weed killer concentrate. 

Before using it, you need to mix it with water. It’s also safe for grass, just like the previously mentioned product.

How to Prevent Clover in Lawn

After getting rid of the clover weed, the next thing to do is to give prevention. You can apply some techniques to prevent the growth in your yard. So, this plant will not grow anymore.

Spread Organic Fertilizer

Choose the organic fertilizer product that is very specific. It should contain lots of nitrogen, and the slow-release one. The grass in the lawn will not attract many clovers.

Some people may also aim to have the traditional fertilizer which is fast-release. It is less expensive and able to grow the grass quickly on your lawn. 

However, the organic one will make a healthier growth in a long period.

There are some common organic fertilizers you can find such as bone meal, blood meal, earthworm castings, guano, cow manure, and liquid kelp.

Use Corn Meal Gluten

This organic material will release natural peptides into the soil. This will cause the prevention of growth for the clover. 

Using corn meal gluten will not do anything to the existing weed. The way it works is by preventing new seeds from growing.

So, do not use this method after the lawn gets reseeded recently. Do not worry about this material disturbing the existing grass. This product is also available at the local garden store.

Mow Grass High

This idea makes sense because clover tends to grow in the lawn with short grass. When you have it more than 3 inches high in your lawn, this plant will not allow the weed to spread more. 

Therefore, the best solution is to mow it high enough.

In addition, the grass will outcompete the clover to grow. However, there might be some more issues with that type of yard.

Seed Bald Spots

After killing some patches of clover in your lawn, you may see several bald spots or bare areas that could ruin the beauty of your yard. It becomes less attractive.

The proper way to do this is to seed those bald spots right away. Get some new grass seeds on top of the area before covering them with mulch. 

Water that specific spot regularly to promote growth. Do not forget to fertilize and mow it whenever needed.

Water Properly

Properly water the lawn is the best solution to keep the clover or other weed away. Ensure that it gets the right moisture level. 

Do not let the lawn dry to prevent inviting the seeds. You cannot make the surface to be too wet since it can promote weed seed germination.

Besides enough watering, it also depends on the species of grass and soil you have. Monitor the lawn about its irrigation system. 

Do regular watering deeply every two weeks. You can just remember to do it when you see the lawn starts to be dry or stalled in growing.

Keeping the Clover Out of Lawns

It also includes keeping other weeds and diseases out of the lawns. That means you have to keep the grass as healthy as possible. That includes the Nitrogen levels to the soil should also be a consideration.

The best suggestion would be to start implementing a good organic lawn fertilizing program one year-round. That should keep the grass in good health.

What’s Causing Clover in Lawn

Some reasons make clover sprouting up in your yard. They are mostly dealing with the soil.

  • The wrong soil pH will make the clover easy to grow. Then, the ideal one will have acidity between 6.0 and 7.0. 

If it is higher than that, the grass will be hard to grow. However, it would be heaven for the weed.  There a method to deal with it. Use soil amendments to give it the balance.

  • Poor nitrogen levels are also a big problem for a lawn. The soil with this condition will make the weed thriving. 

This might become the fast-acting fertilizer you have spread in the yard. It does grow the grass rapidly but the soil quality will become lower. Use the organic product instead.

  • The compacted soil will make the grass out of nutrients like nitrogen, air, and water. Using a spike aerator, break up the compaction.

The Benefits of Clover for Lawn

Despite many people want to get rid of this type of weed, some other people want to keep it. Sometimes, clover can give benefits to the lawn.

Natural Fertilizer

Clover is having a good symbiotic relationship with bacteria that allows the plant to absorb nitrogen from the air. 

This beneficial bacteria will cause the lawn to greener and having lusher. One thing to consider is that this way of growing will outcompete the grass.

Weed Prevention

As we know, clover is not the only weed in this world. Other types can disturb your lawn. Well, letting the clover grows can be a good way to prevent other weeds.

As said before, mowing the grass high will prevent weeds including clover. You might have it short under 3 inches tall.

Other weeds will not grow because the clover would cover the soil entirely. There is no need to work hard dealing with this weed. Well, it is according to your choice, what kind of lawn you want to have.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Get Rid of Clover

Some frequently asked questions related to how to get rid of clover are:

What will kill clover without harming the grass?

There are some great products to opt for. The most recommended one is the A.D.I.O.S. selective organic weed killer. 

It will eventually get rid of the clover in your lawn without damaging the grass. Another good choice would be the corn gluten meal.

Should I get rid of it on my lawn?

The simple answer would be a yes. You should get rid of clover immediately because it would disturb the grass. The lawn cannot be hardy, robust, and healthy.

If you want a more complicated answer, you do not have to know how to get rid of clover because it can be beneficial. 

As said before, clover can prevent other weeds to grow. Then, this plant becomes a natural fertilizer.

How to control clover spread?

As we know, clover is a natural fertilizer. Therefore, you might apply the proper fertilization. There are a bunch of recommended products to have. 

Besides, you can also control it by mowing high, applying a vinegar solution, pulling by hand, covering with plastic, and more.

Why clover disturb the lawn?

That is probably because of the soil with the wrong pH, compacted, and low nitrogen levels. It becomes a perfect condition for clover to take over.

Recommended Weed Killer

Besides those home remedies, there are several recommended products use by a lot of homeowners to deal with weeds including clover. 

You have to get the one that will not damage your grass. Here are some of the weed killers to take a look at.

Spot Weed Control for Lawns

A product that allows you to kill the pesky weeds on your lawn. It seems simple to use and the grasses will not be affected. 

Besides clover, the spray of this solution will also kill dandelions and crabgrass. It kills them down to the root.

There is nothing to worry about them growing back. If you have problems with spots or patches of clover, this is something to have.

Turf Builder Triple Action

For a larger problem of clover and other weeds, you may use the stronger solutions in this specific product. Do not forget to follow what the directions say on the label. 

Besides dealing with clover, Turf Building Triple Action will also feed the lawn.

Finally, you will have thick green lawns. Compared to the previous product, there are more than three kinds of weeds that you can get rid of with this. 

For the grass, it can handle the Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Centipedegrass, Bahiagrass, and Bermudagrass.

Southern Triple Action

This product has an innovative 3-in-1 formula that can kill stubborn weeds and strengthens the lawn against drought and heat. That is the issue that Southern regions have.

The unique triple action formula will deal with all types of southern grasses such as Centipede, Zoysiagrass, Carpetgrass, and St. Augustine.


Above all, you know how to get rid of clover on your lawn and all other important things about it. If you are currently dealing with that problem, it is time to make your lawn healthier and greener than ever.


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