10 Best Plants for A Bathroom with No Light

More people today are willing to get bathroom plants no light for their windowless bathroom. Unfortunately, not all plants can grow in the bathroom in a damp and humid atmosphere. If you are looking for the best houseplant to grow in your bathroom, check out some recommendations below.

If you can find the best variety, growing a houseplant inside a bathroom will help you beautify the room. Bathroom plants come with various benefits. Those plants will purify your bathroom air while bringing nature and greenery into your bathroom. What plants are the best for your windowless bathroom?

Best Bathroom Plants No Light

You have narrower choices since the best plants for the bathroom should be able to cope with low light levels and high humidity levels. Some plants that can be excellent options are the plants you will see on the list below.

1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

The snake plant is one of the most famous bathroom plants no light. The plant will add height to any room, including your bathroom. What makes the snake plant more special is it can thrive in low light and high humidity.

The snake plant’s long leaves will help the plant filter the air and keep the air clean from toxins. This is the best plant for your bathroom.

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2. Tillandsia Plant

Tillandsia Plant

Tillandsia is one of many real bathroom plants no light you can hang inside the bathroom. This plant grows in humid and hot conditions. It will beautify your bathroom interior with its unique look. Growing this plant is super easy since the tillandsia plant can grow with no soil.

Tillandsia plant eats foods through the leaves’ vessel. This is the best plant if you’re looking for a mess-free plant that is very easy to care for.

3. Bromeliad Plant

Bromeliad Plant

Bromeliad is a unique plant that is related to the pineapple. Bromeliad is one of some bathroom plants no light that loves constant warm temperatures. Just like the previous one, this plant feeds through the leaves and it also loves misty humidity. Add more colors to your bathroom with this incredible plant.

4. Bird’s Nest Fern Plant

Bird’s Nest Fern Plant

Bird’s nest fern plant comes with crinkly leaves. Those leaves are going to add character and charm to your bathroom. The plant also goes well in low to medium humidity levels and low light. This is absolutely the best option for a windowless bathroom.

5. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

For those looking for small bathroom plants no light, a spider plant will be a great solution. This is a propagating plant and is a super famous houseplant you can find in almost many homes. Spider plant is a nice element for your bathroom since it loves the room’s moisture.

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6. Majesty Palm Plant

Majesty Palm Plant

A majesty palm is a nice houseplant with a huge size. The plant loves humidity. If you have a large bathroom and you are looking for the right plant to decorate the room, consider placing a majesty palm plant in your bathroom.

The moisture in your bathroom’s air will help keep the leaves of majesty palm fresh and green. But the plant will grow better if your bathroom has enough light. You need to look for some other bathroom plants no light if the room has no light at all.

7. Ivy Plant

Ivy Plant

Another option to consider when you’re looking for plants that don’t need sunlight is ivy. This plant is well known for being fast growers and easygoing. Ivy loves moisture and it is an excellent air purifier for your bathroom. If the room has less space for a houseplant, hanging ivy will be the right solution.

The best way to beautify your bathroom with ivy plants is by placing this plant on a higher shelf. Or you can also hang the plant from the ceiling hook. Hanging from the ceiling will add visual interest to your bathroom.

8. Boston Fern Plant

Boston Fern Plant

Many fern plants love to grow in a wet and warm environment. Boston fern, for example, would love to grow in a room or place that is big enough so it can grow big and bushy greenery to beautify your bathroom. If you are planning to grow this plant in the bathroom, there are some best places to grow it.

Placing this plant on the deep shelf will be an excellent idea. Or, you can place this plant on the floor. Just make sure that your bathroom has a bigger space if you want to grow Boston fern bathroom plants no light on the floor with no shelf.

9. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a houseplant that comes from tropical rainforests. This is the most beautiful plant to consider when you are looking for the best indoor plants, especially for the bathroom. The plant has deep and glossy green leaves with bright white flowers.

This plant loves moisture so much and would love to stay and grow in a location that has low light. If you want to keep the air in your bathroom fresh and get a natural decoration at once, put peace lily plants in some spots of your bathroom.

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10. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The next of many famous bathroom plants no light is aloe vera. This is a medical plant. people have been using this plant to treat skin and health conditions for years. Aloe vera will grow well on a shelf in your bathroom since this is one of many plants that absorb moisture. They don’t need much water.

Aloe vera will not only beautify your bathroom but also allows you to get a health benefit from it. Simply snap off the leaf and use it to make natural skincare. Using more natural products means you can be healthier since there will be fewer chemicals used on your body.

Not all houseplants can grow in your bathroom. If you need a plant for your bathroom, choose one or more between bathroom plants no light from the list above. They can grow easily and require low maintenance. Just make sure you choose the right one for your bathroom interior.

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