Reveal The Distinctive Iris Flower Meaning

Iris flower exaggerates a wide range of colorful blooms in the garden during the summer season. A charming show from this royal blossoms comes in traditional tones of blue and purple. Besides, it offers other beautiful shades of red, pink, white, yellow, brown, and even almost black. and every iris flower meaning is worth to explained.

These spring colors will add beauty to the landscape. Interestingly, the regal bloomers can produce multiple floral plays during the growing year. For your information, this blossom is usually associated with royalty. Then, what is the iris flower meaning?

It means differently for diverse cultures and people. Find out other ideas of interesting Iris flower meaning in this article. Also, you will learn about its history name, varieties, and fun facts of this summer blossom.

What is Iris Flower Meaning?

The Iris blossom commonly means faith, wisdom, royalty, heroism, and hope. It also represents admiration and courage. Some varieties symbolize purity and passion.

The Historical Iris Flower Meaning

The Iris name meaning in Greek is rainbow. This blossom is traceable historically through the tradition. Also, another similar word “eiris” defines as the messenger. It means that the flower bears a language or message.

Most people assume that the meaning of a rainbow relates to the various colorations of the flower. However, its definition is a vestige of the Greek Myth. Iris is a name goddess who sent missions to God through the colorful array. It became the medium to transport from heaven to earth.

Another belief states that the rainbow is indeed a multi-colored mantle or the billowing robe from the goddess’ dress. Therefore, Iris becomes the name of this flower to give deep regard for the female god.

Furthermore, the other definition is persuasive expressiveness. The messages are created with well-chosen discourse. The eloquent words use the art and quality of power. Therefore, the Iris flower meaning adopts a similar impression.

The Symbolisms of Iris Flower Meaning

In Greek culture, people usually plant this flower on graves of their beloved ones. It is believed that the goddess will accompany the demised people to the final resting place. Thus, the bloomer is a sign to call the female god for escorting the deceased to surpass the afterlife.

Likewise, the Egyptian kingdoms have admired the flowers. The Greek folklore influences them to feel enamored. Thus, the Iris symbolizes the association with heaven.

Then, the Iris flower meaning in Japan is venerated for the purifying attributes. In this culture, it functions to sanctity from the negative energy of evils. Besides, this blossom becomes a symbol in Japanese artwork, kimono cloth, and the poem style in Haiku.

This pretty blossom shows power and majesty in France. It inspires the fleur-de-lis and becomes the emblem of Italy, whereas Iris germanica is the national flower of Tennessee. The bouquet is used for the silver wedding anniversary in the United States.

Additionally, the Iris flower meaning in China has a different definition. It is well-known as the purple butterfly that brings a spirit of summer. Its blossom petals are moving in through the air as the wind blows.

The Color Meaning of Iris

Iris flower colors carry different messages. For instance, the purple blossom classically represents sovereignty, esteem, and sagacity. Meanwhile, the blue one is about hope and loyalty. Then, yellow shows enthusiasm, and white means chasteness and faultlessness.

Therefore, use a different color to express a new distinct Iris flower meaning. A bunch of yellow blossoms is the tone of passion. Show your admiration with a bouquet of purple Irises. Besides, a nosegay of white bloomers is the best for a wedding posy. 

Even though specific hues have farther meanings to these beautiful bloomers, any coloration can be used to pledge in loving kinship. All colors bring definitions of adoring friendliness.

Various Messages of Iris Flower Meaning

Instead of the colorations, occurrences might affect Iris flower meaning. Add stargazer lilies as a great companion plant for blue and purple varieties to create an impressive view of the flowerbeds. Accordingly, combine those blossoms as a posy to express your regard and fondness. 

The Benefits of Iris Botanical Features

All parts of the Iris plant are useful. They function as pretty bouquets, cutting flowers in vases, and charming blossoms in the flowerbed gardens. Meanwhile, the fragrant roots are the best for health and beauty care.

Blossoms for A Cutting Garden

Since these varieties attach many distinctive Iris flower meaning ideas, they will be a perfect choice for adding to the vases. The Dutch blossoms will stand out with their pretty hue for seven days. Bearded Irises in the bud strongly show up to two weeks. 

To use the Irises for a nosegay, cut the branch to the ground as close as possible by using sharp clippers. Protect the leaves from damaging to allow food stocks in the roots to display the next flowers.

Health and Beauty Benefits

The Iris flower meaning is more than words. It is how to take some advantages from the plant itself. Use the Iris roots as health treatments to cure stomachache, syphilis, infections on the skin, and edema. Besides, these underground parts of the plant help to cleanse the liver. 

Also, yellow Irises are perfect for treating dandruff. Apart from using as a diuretic, the white ones are beneficial for curing bronchitis and asthma.

Due to the fragrance from its roots, Iris becomes the ingredient to make perfumes and cosmetics. Then, use the blossom as a pad to cure acne. 

Grind the dried roots into a powder. Use the fragrant rootstock of the Irises as herbal remedies. It also functions as a substance that is included in a perfume to avoid quick evaporation. Similarly, add this material to a mixture of herbs and spices and keep in the jar for scent.

The Iris Varieties

The Iris flowers have over 250 varieties with various hues that include blue, yellow, white, pink, orange, and so on, but the most popular color is purple. These pretty bloomers can grow from a bulb or rhizome.

Siberian Iris

The Siberian variety shows purple and blue iris flower while unfurling the blossom. This tough perennial comes with other bloom shades of white, red, pink, and yellow. 

However, the open Siberian blossoms are mostly in tones of violet, blue, and white. Thus, the Iris flower meaning of this variety is purity, faith, and royalty. 

Moreover, The Siberian varieties develop with long grassy leaves to create a compact bush or a group of clusters. The clumps grow about 1.2 meters with narrow sword-like leaves. Interestingly, they thrive well in partial shade areas.

Japanese Iris

White Iris from the Japanese variety is elegant and exotic. During the growing year, it can thrive in standing water areas such as along the streams and downspouts. However, keep the flowers in a dry soil when the winter season comes.

The Japanese Iris flower meaning shows freedom from guilt or sin due to the open blossoms come in white color. Besides, a shade of blue becomes another famous hue for this variety. 

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris flower meaning is about respect, compliment, and wisdom. The open blossoms vary from blue and purple hues. They become the most favorite variety in spring. 

The bearded Iris hybrids have bicolor blends instead of a single shade of peach, red, orange, rose, or black. All types of blossoms are perfect for cut flowers and bouquets.

The Iris plant grows at the height of full size, knee-high, and dwarf. They fully develop about 102 centimeters. It takes one or two years to rebloom, so you would better add other reblooming flowers to the garden. Then, this variety will show its open blossoms in mid-spring to the early summer season.

Dutch Iris

The Dutch type has a colorful array that brings Iris flower meaning of bravery, majesty, and good relationships. The blossoms are beardless and grow from the bulbs. It is another lovable variety to be the cutting garden.

These eye-catching bloomers resemble the Orchids, so they are a good option for a posy. The buds on each stem will open for seven days during spring. In cold areas, this perennial is often treated as an annual plant. 

African Iris

This African Iris flower meaning is about strong passion and innocence. The white and yellow petals have butterfly-like forms that appear floating over the leaves. Besides, Dietes bicolor has some purple blotches on its corolla. Thankfully, these pretty bloomers are drought-tolerant.

The African Iris, as known as the Fortnight Lily, has green sword-shaped leaves with a fan-like growth habit. The upright extended flowers add an aesthetic look to the garden.

Dwarf Iris

The dwarf Iris flower meaning is used to express a strong devotion. This danfordiae plant features bright rose and yellow flowers with a little speck of brown hue on each petal. Besides, the grass-like leaves also come with violet-blue blossoms that look like butterflies that flutter among the plants.

Moreover, the dwarf Iris starts blooming in late winter or early spring. Its vibrant hues of the open flowers will brighten the cold days. 

Furthermore, the unfurling blossoms last for three to seven days. They grow well in pots, under trees, rock gardens. Also, plant them in groups of 20 bulbs in front of the landscape edges.

Yellow Flag

There are lots of ways to show admiration and love from Iris flower meaning. For example, the yellow flag blossoms can be the perfect choices. They grow invasively in soft wetland and bloom in early summer or late spring.

Iris pseudacorus features large and showy petals on the upright peduncles. The flower consists of three larger falling sepals and small erect corollas with light brown or purple markings.

The yellow Iris is mostly transplanted into well-watered landscapes. This attractive plant is usually used to treat refuse liquids. It is because of its ability to eliminate metal matters from wastewaters.

Fun Facts of the Iris Blossom

The impressive Iris flowers have 325 species with 50.000 different varieties. They belong to beardless and bearded groups. These features depend on the forms of the lower-part petals that resemble a beard.

This beautiful blossom develops from fleshy roots called rhizomes. The dwarf variety initially furls its stunning flowers in the early spring season. Then, other types follow to bloom in summer. The sequences are bearded, Siberian, Louisiana, Japanese, and Dutch Irises.

Some types that can rebloom in an all-round year are bearded, Japanese, and Siberian Iris. They can grow until the fourth flower stems during the summer and fall. 

Furthermore, the Iris blossoms feature unique petals. An erect center part comes with other some rising and falling corolla leaves. They look like the waving flags while attracting the pollinators.

The dangling fall petals work as a quay for the insects. These parts come with markings and hairs to direct the bees and butterflies toward the reproductive organs. 

Moreover, to grow Iris flower successfully, the upper part of the rhizome should be exposed, so a deep planting is not advisable. Then, you can develop the roots easily by adding mulch, especially in the early cold season.

Generally, there are seven blooming buds on each stem. However, some varieties have fifteen blooms on the upright branch. When it comes to rebloomers, new shoots will continuously develop from the peduncles.

Reblooming Iris Flowers

There are three groups of reblooming Iris. The first cluster includes Japanese, Siberian, and bearded varieties that develop flowers more than twice in each growing season. 

The second is cycle rebloomers. They produce the initial blossoms in spring. After the first reblooming loses freshness, new buds on the stems will appear. Thus, the other floral show begins in the fall season. However, there is a resting period during summer that the perennials will not develop any flowers at all.

The last group is the all-season rebloomers. You will see many flushes of flowers during the growing year. One thing to remember, the blooming depends on the soil conditions, the age of the plant, and water availability. Therefore, some varieties may take several years to rebloom, or it even will not occur.

In conclusion, the Iris flower meaning might differ from one to another. Interestingly, several varieties have become top options for landscapes. Enjoy a splash of pretty colors all-around the year since these splendid blossoms will rebloom continuously.

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