10 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats (With Pictures)

Many of us love pets and plants. Unfortunately, many plants aren’t safe for cats. Some plants may be toxic to cats when ingested. Those plants may cause tremors, seizures, or worse. You must know which ones are houseplants safe for cats and which ones are not safe for your furry friends.

But my cats always behave. If this thought comes up in your mind, keep in mind that the most well-behaved cats love to take a little bit of a houseplant. You need to prevent this situation by beautifying your interior and exterior with the safest plants that won’t harm your pets.

List of Houseplants Safe for Cats

Gorgeous plants are not always safe for your little family, especially for your cats. If there is a precious cat inside the house and you want to keep the cat safe, learn about the list of the safest plants for cats below. Then check your plants again, and make sure there are no harmful plants inside and outside.

1. Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake Plant

The first of many houseplants safe for cats is the rattlesnake plant. This one comes with leaves of distinct shapes. The good news is this plant can grow in fast-draining soil. Besides, you can fertilize this plant monthly. The most ideal temperature for this plant to grow is between 70 and 80 degrees F.

Check the top of the plant’s soil. If it feels dry when you touch the soil, water the soil. Spritz the leaves when they look dry but don’t do it too much.

2. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

If you are looking for a plant for a low-light interior and also a plant that will be safe for your cats, the spider plant is the answer. Many people love this gorgeous plant because it is super easy to grow spider plants indoors. If you have a black thumb, this spider plant will be the best plant to grow.

One unique thing about this plant is its air purifier property. Placing spider plants inside the house will help get rid of the toxins and your interior will be healthier for everyone.

3. African Violet

African Violet

Consider African violet if you are looking for flowery houseplants safe for cats to decorate your interior. This plant will be a gorgeous ornament for your kitchen shelving or any shelving inside the house. If you want to get this plant, make sure you don’t place it near any window or vent.

The flowers of African violet will only bloom beautifully with the help of indirect sunlight. When watering the plant, put the water under the leaves. Fertilize the plant regularly to help the plant bloom year-round.

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4. Gloxinia


This indoor plant is native to Brazil and is going to blossom flowers in bright shades of blue, red, pink, or purple when you place the plant in a sunny window. To keep the plant alive, keep its soil moist. You can also feed the plants liquid plant food. Feed the plant every two weeks.

The blooms will appreciate a location that is bright enough from indirect sunlight. The seeds of Gloxinia will germinate in about three weeks.

5. Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap

The next houseplants safe for cats to consider are Venus flytraps. This plant requires super low maintenance, the best choice for busy cat persons. Keep the plants happy simply by placing them in an area that gets four hours of direct sunlight.

Those plants will appreciate distilled water, sphagnum moss, or peat moss for the soil. Venus flytraps are the best plant to decorate your porch where they can find passerby flies.

6. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

Boston fern is one of many houseplants safe for cats and dogs. The plants are easy to maintain since they will need food every two months. Cats are free to be at the ferns at all times. Dogs can even eat the leaves. Boston fern is a best friend to your pets.

To keep them alive, place Boston fern plants in a cool place where there is high humidity and indirect sunlight. Mist the green leaves of the plants twice a week to add extra humidity.

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7. Watermelon peperomia

Watermelon peperomia

These houseplants safe for cats have leaves that look like watermelon skin. They love to stay in a place with indirect sunlight. To keep the plants happy, water them with a lot of liquid. Even though the plant doesn’t need too much water, you need to water this plant when the soil top is dry to your touch.

8. Orchid


Orchid is one of many easy houseplants safe for cats that come from Asia. This plant will grow best in a place with indirect light. It will also appreciate humid and warm spots. The flower will bloom once a year and will last for three months. And then the flowers are going to die off.

But don’t worry about that since the blooms are going to come back in the next season. If the leaves turn yellow, they are a sign that you over-sun or overwater the plant.

9. Bromeliad


There are some houseplants safe for cats that will add a tropical vibe to the interior. bright bromeliads will bloom flowers. The flowers, which will last up to a couple of months, are going to liven up the interior. Bromeliad needs a lot of airflows, place it in an open area with indirect sunlight and windows.

You will make your bedroom, kitchen, and living room look more gorgeous with bromeliad, especially when the flowers bloom.

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10. Baby Tears

Baby Tears

If you are looking for a large houseplant, this isn’t for you. Baby tears have small leaves and they look super cute. Baby tears will attract cats and make the interior look more adorable. Your cats may want to stay close to the plants and play with them. It is okay, they’re safe.

When you are choosing a plant for your interior, always consider the list of houseplants safe for cats above. Avoid choosing random plants without studying them. You have no idea how harmful a plant can be. Always check if a plant is safe for your pets and kids.

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