How To Keep Birds Out Of Garden In a Non-Toxic Ways

Have you found non-toxic ways on how to keep birds out of garden? If not, keep staying!

We have some solutions to keep the birds out of your veggie garden even without hurting them at all.

Generally, there are many kinds of netting, decoys and scarers as well as the incredible tips that proves to be very effective. 

Wherever your garden is, there are always some local birds spying your homegrown veggies. One of which is pigeon.

This bird is not as popular as other birds but they can dig up your potato plants to grab the tubers. 

In this regards, there are variety of non-toxic ways to keep the birds out of the garden drastically.

The tactics along with the natural ways must be importantly applied for organic gardeners and wildlife lovers.

That is because birds are the part of the world’s ecosystem. Giving them space to live is essential. Thus, let’s try to keep them away without even hurting them. 

How To Get Rid Of Birds From Garden 

How To Get Rid Of Birds From Garden 

Birds always feel attracted to a food they are looking for from a garden.

Raising homegrown vegetable garden must take this into account.

Well, below are some of the best ways on how to keep birds out of garden you can apply soon. 

Garden Netting

Garden Netting

Garden netting is considered as the most effective ways on keeping the birds out.

There is a variety of hoops you can use along with the butterfly netting to protect the crops from the hungry flying wildlife. It is important to be aware of using the net.

Keep it pulled taunt as the loose netting is just inviting animals to get trapped.

Standard bird netting is harmful to the wildlife since the animals can be trapped easily. 

Apart from birds, other animals that get trapped in netting include opossums, lizards, snakes and bats. In the worst case, those animals can die because of the netting injury.

However, once you caught them alive, you can free them up. 

There is a high quality UV resistant netting that will last for years. Avoid using the inexpensive green netting that offers no longevity.

Further, this kind of netting can break and cause hazard to the wildlife and environment. 

Chicken Wire On The Ground 

Chicken aluminum wire which is pinned to the ground will help protect your newly seeds in the garden. It does not only stop the birds to perch on the plants but also stop the chicken from scratching up the soil.

As the veggies grow, the wire can be lifted up on stakes or bended around the hoops. 

You can also use the pans bed pie along with wire to protect your plants from the birds attack. 

How To Stop Birds Eating Plants 

How To Stop Birds Eating Plants 

Many of the gardeners provide their plants with the protection so that the birds could not eat them.

Consider these following ideas and try them whenever possible. 

Use Garden Fleece to Protect Plants 

Using garden fleece to protect plants is one of the non-toxic ways on how to keep birds out of garden.

Garden fleece is usable for year around to protect your plants from being eater by the birds in a shorter period. 

Garden fleece is a fine materials draped over the lettuce, bok choy, chard and other greens. Weigh the sides down using the rocks or pegs and reach under it back to harvest temporarily. 

Make A Stick Jungle 

Stop the birds eating your plants by creating a stick jungle.

This technique can be done by pushing the twigs and sticks all around your plants. This works two ways.

First, the stick jungle will mask the plants from animals attack above. The birds will just look at the mess of sticks on the ground with the green veggies underneath. This makes them lazy.

They would prefer going away to struggling to get the tasty broccoli seedlings. 

A stick jungle on the ground makes the bird hard to reach and even eat your plants. Even you yourself cannot reach it easily either for weeding or for harvesting.

This technique is generally used to provide young plants and young peas with temporary protection.  

Relocate The Birds 

Another tactic to keep the birds away from the garden is to relocate the birds to avoid pheasant population explosion.

This way, the pheasant as well as the chicken will be lively trapped while pigeons and magpies will seemingly fly back home. 

How To Scare Birds Away 

How To Scare Birds Away 

Scaring the birds is possible to prevent them from coming again to your garden. Most gardeners use the tricks to make the birds scare and go away. 

Use Terror Eyes Balloon to Scare The Birds 

Scare the birds away from the garden by using eyes balloon.

This is considered as the most popular bird scaring product available in the market. It is a large yellow ball with the “eyes” printed on it to seemingly eye the birds. 

This terror eyes balloon can be hang in the garden. By the breeze, it will move slightly to scare the birds. This way, the birds are thinking that the balloons are the predators watching them. 

Terror eyes balloon can be constructed through DIY options, meaning that you can make it yourself.

However, there is also one made available to purchase. 

Use Plastic Predators and Toy Snake 

Believe it or not, a plastic decoy owl or falcon mounted on the garden is effective enough to keep the birds away.

Though the plastic predators are so unrealistic but they have a decent effect on smaller birds like blackbirds, sparrows and pigeons.

You can even move the plastic predators around the garden to make them look like predator birds.

This will be able to keep the birds away better. 

Toy snake is just another predator decoy you can use to scare the birds.

Lay them on the ground in in your garden beds. Not only the birds but also other animals and your-self alike will feel afraid of coming. 

Build A Scarecrow 

Scarecrow works best if you move it around the garden regularly.

Remember, this scarecrow can be made through DIY option.

You can also simply purchase one that has been made and available in the market.

This way, it is suggested that you choose the one built on stake so that you can pull up and push it into the ground in other parts of the garden. 

Build your scarecrow and color it red and yellow. These two colors means flight triggers for the birds.

Though this is still scientifically unknown, it will be helpful to have a Ronald McDonald in the garden. 

Do Pinwheels Scare Birds?

Do Pinwheels Scare Birds?

Another non-toxic ways on how to keep birds out of garden is the pinwheels.

A big question on my head; do pinwheels scare birds?

Basically, sudden movement will scare flying animals into flight, too.

Thus, many gardeners tend to use plastic bags, streamers and garden spinners to get rid of the birds out of the garden. 

Any types of plastic is easily blowing away in the wind, ending up as litter. So it is less recommended.

On the hand, the sturdy garden spinners look cute and have purpose.

Remember to move them around in the garden every week or so. 

Wind Spinners To Keep Birds Away 

As the pinwheels scare birds, wind spinners also works best to keep birds away.

The moving wind spinners will scare the birds and prevent them from visiting your garden again.

If you are busy enough to create your own wind spinners, there are some best quality ones available on online stores. 

Place some wind spinners in your garden and move them regularly at least once week.

Once the birds look at them, they will feel scare and not visit your garden again. 

How To Stop Birds Digging Up Garden 

How To Stop Birds Digging Up Garden 

Bird Deterrent For Garden 

There are some bird deterrents for garden that most gardeners usually use to keep away the birds.

Consider some of the recommended ones below: 

Melnor Jet Spray Motion Sensor Water Sprinkle Repellent 

Melnor Jet Spray is one of the excellent choice that works best to repel birds. It is also considered very effective as a repellent for other animals.

This tool is easy to install and use. No problem with it.

The only thing to remember is that you must make sure that you can attach a solar panel with the toll to save the battery life and let it to run longer. 

Melnor Jet Spray is one of the best bird repellents you can purchase to control the birds coming. It comes with the very sensitive motion sensor.

It is fully adjustable and working well in hard soil. 

Poeland Bird Repellent Outdoor Laser 

Poeland Outdoor Laser is a bird repellent device designed with a good quality.

Use this device in your backyard to prevent birds from flying all around the plants.

As the name suggests, the device uses laser to repel birds. It is best described as an excellent choice to use when the birds are just getting back. 

When the night comes, the birds might look for a shelter.

However, it won’t be your garden. The device also works well for farms, barns, production facilities, stables, warehouses, storage shed and parking garages. 

Using this bird repellent allowing you not to deal with the birds anymore.

Further, this kind of deterrent would not hurt the birds. It works only for keeping them out of the garden.

Luckily, as one of the best devices to help on how to keep birds out of garden, Poeland Outdoor Laser is fairly easy to install and use.

There is nothing much to maintain. The design includes the power saving mode along with the automatic cycling on and off function. 

ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repellent

ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic bird repellent is similarly effective to free up the garden from any birds. It also proves to work best to repel small and other domestic animals such as cats and dogs, skunks and rods and even foxes.

This device runs on solar power and offers a sensitive motion sensor.

The entire system is very much effective to use outdoors due to its water resistance. 

If you have pets like cats and dogs, make sure they are away from the garden since this deterrent cause agitation. Its ultrasonic sound is too irritating for animals. 

American DJ Mega Flash DMX 800 Watt Compact Strobe Light 

If you are wondering how birds can be so scared to visit your garden, you need this DMX 800W Strobe Light by American DJ. 

This device is created with the compact design so it won’t take up your space.

The features of dimming control allow you to brighten the light up to deter the birds.

The device presents both the visual and audio deterrence. 

The device high quality cable will be beneficial for signal transfer. No matter the day is raining or snowing heavily, this device will continue to perform as they are required too. 

How To Stop Birds Digging Up Garden 

How To Stop Birds Digging Up Garden 

Once a group of birds come to visit and dig your garden, well, the nightmare is just started.

One big question is; why do the birds attack your garden first? The answer is “Insect”. 

Hungry birds like digging up a garden because they are starving.

While there are many insects on the ground, the birds seems finding the restaurant with the big food. How will you stop him? It is fairly easy.

Just cut of their source of food and they will have no place to get food anymore. It seems that this is the only way of stopping the birds digging up your garden. 

Final Words 

Finally, all of the non-toxic ways on how to keep birds out of garden we have shared are applicable.

You may adopt any methods we have shared if it is possible for you.

Considering that birds are the flying animals that mostly fly around the plants, finding the best ways to stop them is also important. 

Just make sure that you choose the most suitable technique to apply in your garden suiting your environment. 

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