22 Stunning and Practical Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining wall ideas can be made of a wide variety of materials. Keep on reading to find a striking one that suits your home and boost the curb appeal immensely.

Intriguing Flagstone

A retaining wall was made of concrete because it was extremely durable, strong, and long-lasting. It was perfect to hold the soil and bettered the uneven surface. However, the dull and stark look is not always pleasing to the eye.

To overcome this problem, you can try using other materials to execute some retaining wall ideas, one of which is flagstone.

Flagstone retaining wall ideas have proven that uniformity is not everything when it comes to incorporating mind-blowing look and practicality into the space. 

The irregular shapes and sizes of this material bring in rustic style to your yard without making it dated or old-fashioned, thanks to the gray hues that never fail to lend a contemporary look. 

Terraced Retaining Wall Ideas

If you happen to have a big, sloping backyard, you may think that it is not appealing at all. It is even tiring if you have to walk alongside it. For this reason, you had better build terraced retaining walls.

The ultimate goal of this retaining wall is to tame big, sloping yards by breaking it up into some areas so that it can give you both easy access and spectacular landscaping, just like the terraces of a hill.

Terraced retaining wall ideas can be straight and formal, or feature curves and corners to blend with the natural look. 

The retaining walls that you can see in the picture used to be an extremely sloping yard that made any user has difficulty when having a trip in it. Therefore, a terraced style with curvy edges is used.

Patchwork Retaining Wall Design

Why do you have to stick to one color hue if you can display more in your garden?

This retaining wall is made of stones. What makes it wonderful is they come in various sizes and shapes that are stacked and forms a patchwork pattern. 

Since it comes in various neutral color hues, it can jazz up a minimalist garden that tends to be a haven for greenery, such as boxwood, juniper, and Hydrangea. Not to mention, the coarse surface that blends with nature.

Treated Wood Retaining Wall Types

If you are short on budget, you can try treated wood retaining wall ideas. This type of material is less expensive compared to stone and concrete. Besides, it can also give a uniform look that resembles a modern style.

However, the drawback of the wood retaining wall is its durability. Comparing to stone and concrete that are typically strong and long-lasting, this material tends to have a shorter lifespan. As a result, you will need to replace it more frequently.

Retaining Wall Ideas with Stairs

A retaining wall is used to conceal the flaws occurring due to the uneven ground surface. As a result, it is usually a few inches taller than the ground level, which makes it hard for any user to step up to it when doing regular maintenance for the plants.

To overcome this problem, you can build stairs for easy access to the plants growing in the retaining wall, just like what you can see here. 

The built-in stairs provide access to the plants so that you can water, prune, or grow some new flowers easily.

Sandstone Retaining Wall Ideas

The natural beige of sandstone suits any modern house well. The natural vein in this retaining wall will accentuate the upscale look of your front yard while adding a more subtle pattern, which improves the curb appeal instantly.

Do not forget to grow some beautiful flowers, such as asters, coneflower, daisies, or hydrangeas in the retaining wall to spruce up it.

Low Retaining Wall Ideas

Tiered retaining walls that resemble terraces on a hill are created to not only tame extremely different ground levels but also improve the landscaping, just like what you can see here.

Although it is not as high as the previous one, which can be handled by a single retaining wall, the homeowner prefers to design it as terraces. 

They serve double duty. Besides being retaining walls that soften the transition of uneven ground level, they also become handy planters for stunning plants. Since the first row has a protruding lip, it can make a good bench, too.

Gabion Retaining Wall Design

If you are looking for a retaining wall that will not cost you a fortune, try gabions. 

They belong to inexpensive retaining wall ideas yet sturdy and long-lasting. They are not fussy, as they do not require maintenance.

The cost of the Gabion walls depends on the type of wire that you are going to use to hold stones.

The major drawback of a Gabion wall is it can be a perfect home for any unwanted fauna and flora.

Mosaic Retaining Wall Ideas

The ultimate goal of building a retaining wall is to conceal the flaws of the ground, but it does not mean it has to be dull and stark. 

Instead of building a mere retaining wall, why don’t you just make artwork as well? This one would be a great example. When you are having a journey through this stairway, your eyes will be pleased with the mosaic patterns made of stones.

Shiplap Concrete Retaining Wall Ideas

This retaining wall detail carved out epic landscaping, thanks to the shiplap design that adds both textures and patterns into the garden. The simplicity makes it a top-notch choice for a modern house.

Multipurpose Retaining Wall Ideas

Choosing the best materials for your retaining wall meticulously can serve you a double duty, just like this one.

Some materials like concrete blocks allow you to have a sturdy wall and planter boxes at once. You can grow any plants of your choice in them and turn them into a living wall, which is suitable for a small backyard.

Gabion and Hedges Retaining Wall Ideas

Gabions are the safe bet when it comes to executing some retaining wall ideas on the cheap. Unfortunately, some people are not fans of their looks.

If you are one of them, you can better the look by building tiered Gabion walls and grow hedges in between to carve out a more finished appearance.

Stacked Boulder Retaining Wall Ideas

If the area that you want to cover is only a few inches of the ground level, consider concealing it with boulders. They are easy to find and inexpensive. Furthermore, you will not need the assistance of an expert because you can just stack them yourself.

Tip: Try adding a layer of builders’ sand between them so that the wall will be more robust and long-lasting.

Rustic Retaining Wall Ideas

Distressed wood logs or boards can add the touch of rustic charm into your backyard. This wall, for example, shows off the well-worn look as if it had existed for hundreds of years. 

Instead of looking outdated, it balances the modern flair carved out by the simple pathway.

Concrete Paver Retaining Wall

For a very low ground, you can just opt for concrete pavers. You do not have to use fancy tools and materials to create this look.

All you need to do is just collecting the pavers, dig a hole in which you will lay them, and then cover the imperfections with gravel. You are good to go.

Faux Natural Stone

Natural stones have always brought in upscale look to any garden. No wonder many people are eager to better the curb appeal of their home using these materials.

Unfortunately, they could be pricey. Therefore, you can opt for faux natural stones.

 They are not real, their texture and colours can make them as stunning as stones.

Cover It with Plants

Some retaining walls can lead to eyesore especially if they are left unfinished. To conceal the flaws, you can try growing climbing plants, such as ivy, roses, or creeping junipers. 

Let them grow and dangle a little bit so that they can hide the flaws away while creating a dramatic backdrop.

Painted Retaining Wall Ideas

If gardening is not your forte, but you still want to conceal the flaws, try painting your retaining wall. As a bonus, you can pick any color of your choice to add a personality boost. Draw something on it will also amp it up well.

Curvy Retaining Wall with Flower Beds

The upper part of a retaining wall usually remains open. Try filling in the space with flowering plants. It will not only serve you a practical function but also an aesthetic element.

Brick Retaining Wall Ideas

Bricks are versatile and never get old. Besides becoming the materials of building a masonry wall, pathway, or pavers, they can also make a great retaining wall that holds the ground.

Light It Up

Do not let your stunning wall leave unnoticed. Accentuate it with garden lights so that people can see it.

Incorporate a Nook

A retaining wall does not have to be straight. You can design an irregular shape for a distinctive charm. As a bonus, you can place a bench as a perfect hideaway in your garden.

Those are some striking-yet-practical retaining wall ideas. Before, making one, make sure you choose good materials so that it is sturdy and long-lasting.

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