10 Planter Boxes Ideas to Adorn Your Portable Garden

Planter boxes are arguably portable pots that allow you to store one or more types of plants. Arrange them in the room, garden, and even stick it on the window. 

Uniquely, you can design it at will to provide a beautiful view. Bright colors and charming models will build the mood of everyone who looks on. 

If you are interested in decorating your garden in this way, of course, you have to choose the right model according to the land conditions. The following are some recommendations for you to choose:

Raised Planter Boxes

Using raised planter boxes means placing your plants higher than the ground. Generally, people use a container with feet to grow the various crops on it.

Raised-type have a variety of shapes. But in standard, this container is shaped like a large pot, complete with drainage channels in certain parts.

While the plant grows on top, you can use the lower part for various purposes. For example, you can put other plants or make them as storage areas.

Some people make the raised boxes as high as a chair or table. The goal is, if there are no plants on it, you can use it as a chair or table.

If you want to use this model, you do not need to spend a lot of budgets. Anyone can do planter boxes DIY with affordably priced or unused materials.

If there is limited time to do it yourself, you can call a carpenter. Thus, your box will be more following the tastes and conditions of the room.

Plastic Planter Boxes

So far, the use of clay as a pot is remarkable. But the problem is, this material is very fragile and weathered. Hence, most people tend to look at plastic containers.

Using  plastics has also reached planter boxes. As the need for farming increases, why not use something more practical but durable?

You will not be bothered to find them because quite a few shops are selling plastic-based boxes. The quality also varies, from the average to the most durable.

However, the use of plastic containers is not always perfect. This material will work well indoors but not outdoors.

Plastic is not very friendly to the sun. The beam of light will increase the temperature in it so that it affects plant development.

Meanwhile, watering too often is not recommended for your crops. If you do use plastic for an outdoor garden, you have to manage the drainage properly.

Besides, sunlight will also easily damage plastic materials. Compared to indoor, outdoor placement will make it crack faster and even break.

Metal Planters

Among the many materials, metal is also the choice of many people. Usually, they use it for aesthetic purposes. 

The process of making metal planter boxes does use molds to allow for various and unique shapes. In full, here are some of the advantages of this material:

  • The shape is unique and aesthetically pleasing. Some products even have classic sizes, ornaments, and decorations.
  • Purchasing new boxes is not necessary, but you can utilize some unused items.
  • More metal planter boxes. This material is durable enough by the influence of weather and time.
  • This material will show beauty when hit by the sun.

Otherwise, metal is also imperfect. This material can absorb heat to the extreme. It will harm the plant, such as burning the roots of the plant.

Therefore, if using them as planter boxes, you should place them in the shade without direct sunlight. Keeping it in a cool place is better for the plant.

However, you can use it safely if the plants inside are heat resistant. Metal boxes will be suitable for succulents or other desert plants.

Another tip, you can also use pots with more heat-resistant materials in metal planter boxes. It will reduce the temperature around the plant roots.


This material is indeed a lot of choice in various ways. You can also use it as one of the planter boxes for ideas that have both useful and aesthetic value.

Wood planter boxes are generally lighter. It is easy to shape. Thus, you can adjust it to conditions, such as the number of plants or the room size.

Regarding price, this material is also quite varied. From the cheapest to the most expensive planters are available. Of course, the cost depends on the box’s quality you choose.

You can make these planter boxes yourself with affordable materials. However, the material must also be a concern.

All wood has a long life as furniture or other household items. But so far, people believe that cedarwood is the best for making container plants.

The quality is quite good, but this material is quite expensive that it is often not affordable. Other recommendations besides cedar are redwood and teak.

These materials are also of high quality, even when outdoors. You might use them for a longer time. They are less expensive than cedar, but the price is still high.

If you want a material that is economical but weather-resistant, pine is the choice. But of course, its usage period will be shorter than the previous three.

Besides, this wood is also easily damaged by chemicals. Therefore, apply plant fertilizers carefully. Organic material will be better.

Another you need to pay attention to when using wooden boxes is the material that holds them together. Nails, nuts, and bolts must be made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Outdoor Planter Boxes

Although many people develop indoor gardens, the outdoor lawn is never dying. But you may have to do different treatments from each other.

Importantly, pay attention to is the selection of planter materials. Of course, you should use boxes that are heat and weather-resistant.

As mentioned above, cedar and redwood are sufficient materials for this purpose. Both will last quite a while outdoors.

Unfortunately, these two materials are not easy to obtain. Besides that, the price is also quite expensive so that its use will seem too luxurious.

If you use wood, then lumber is the right choice. Although the quality is not as good as cedar and redwood, at least this material is quite weather-resistant and has an affordable price.

Some people think of clay as planter boxes. However, its use is very ineffective. Although weather resistant and able to maintain plant temperature stability, this material is easily broken.

Plastic is not the best choice because it stores heat which will interfere with plant development. Likewise, using metal might be the same. The heat will burn the roots in the soil.   

Window Planters

Looking out the window and seeing greenery, of course, can create a mood. But what if you do not have enough land to plant something? Well, window planter boxes are the answer.

To use this planter, you need to attach the box to the low part of the window frame. Of course, the size must also be suitable to fit perfectly.

Generally, window planter boxes come with hooks for attaching them to the windows. However, there are some other mounting designs, for example, wall-mounted. It is no less practical.

Since these planter boxes are suspended, the material must also be light but strong. Besides, it is also limited in size because it fits the window.

Another consideration, since most of these planter boxes are outdoors, you should use weather-resistant materials. In this case, wood will work great.

Unfortunately, not all types of wood can withstand heat and rain. As mentioned above, the best ingredients are cedar and redwood, but you can also use pine or lumber.

If you want a durable material, steel can be an option. However, because the metal is heat-absorbing, you have to make a drainage system.

As a problem solving, metal-based window planter boxes are in mesh form. Thus, air and water circulation will be smoother so that plants stay healthy.

Just a tip, do not put too big plants on window planter boxes. In addition to blocking the view, heavy loads will quickly damage the pot.

Square Planter Boxes

It is the most basic form of planter boxes. This form is the choice of many people because it is flexible for all uses.

The square shape is also suitable for all locations. This design can be indoor or outdoor and still looks elegant in various places.

These kinds of planter boxes can also come from a variety of materials. It is classy when wood-based but still aesthetically pleasing when in form of metal. A plastic one is also a choice.

However, you need to pay attention to where you will place it. For indoor purposes, you can use any material. But for outdoor use, it will be more complicated.

Another advantage of square-shaped is that it allows you to adjust the flow of water and air precisely. The ideal size will allow you to make drainage holes of the same size and distance.

Deck Planter Boxes

As the name suggests, this design will remind us of a ship deck. Generally, these pots use the material of strung-planks.

At first glance, you can see this design seems fragile because it only pairs wood with one another. But with the right technique, your planter boxes are durable and weather resistant.

It is not just a deck that uses the principle of lined wood like this. The same method applies to the manufacture of ancient gallons of drinks, usually wine.

The deck design on planter boxes can also be an attractive option for your portable garden. You do not have to make it big like on a ship, but enough with a minimalist size as needed.

However, to give it an attractive appearance, many people build a deck like a stage and then place plants around it. But this model requires enough land.

This deck design does have an aesthetic value, especially if you like the ocean theme. That way, you can also add relevant decorations.

Even though the deck is generally from wood, you should not choose this material. Some designs only take ideas but make metal or plastic in the making.

Planter Boxes DIY

After studying the various materials and designs mentioned above, of course, you will have started to have an idea about your planter boxes. You have known the advantages and drawbacks of each.

If you understand, why not try to make it yourself. If building it from wood is too difficult, you can use other simple materials.

One option is to use bamboo. No need to cut and nail it as you can cut it in half, then add a hook to hang it.

Some people even use an easier method, namely using cardboard. With a little creativity, you can process them into beautiful crafts.

However, cardboard does not last long because it is easily weathered and damaged by water. To overcome this, you can provide a waterproof layer.

Besides, do not use cardboard planter boxes for outdoor purposes. The influence of the weather will not make it last longer.

Reuse the Unused

Sometimes someone goes too far into thinking about the designs and materials for their planter boxes. If you cannot purchase or create your own, why not use used goods?

Of course, you have a lot of used goods that are suitable for becoming planter boxes. You can use old containers, used cans, even damaged bathtubs. The technique depends on the way you cultivate.

If you think used goods will not look attractive, do not be unreasonable. You can give a new touch with paint or other decorations. Explore the highest possible creativity.

However, if you are using used goods, consider the drainage. If your stuff does not have enough channels, then make modifications to make your plants feel comfortable.

Another essential thing is to choose a place where you will put your portable garden. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, you have to determine the suitable material for planter boxes.

As discussed above, metal boxes are not suitable for outdoor use as they burn the plant roots. For more details, try to look back at the discussion above.

The planter boxes are a solution for gardeners who don’t have enough land. Besides making the atmosphere more beautiful, you can also make it portable so that it is easy to carry and move.

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