Tree Trunk: The Creatives Things To Do In Your Garden

Do you have a tree trunk and stumps that are left unused in your garden? Thus, it is time to utilize them and make something big to complete your outdoor space. 

They will blend naturally into the entire component of the area.

Further, if you have the skill, you may turn the ordinary trunk or stump of a tree into stunning handmade elements for the garden. 

Also, you can even make it the main furniture of the backyard area. Do not throw away the rest of the felling trees. Utilize all of them.

This article shows you how to deal with a tree trunk. It would be something that can act as furniture, decor, fence, and many more. 

So, you just have to find the right ideas which are some of the best that would be revealed here.

What is Tree Trunk

tree trunk

A trunk is like the center part of a tree. This section connects the branch and leaves with the roots. Indeed, it is like the biggest and strongest element. 

In the matter of feeding, the nutrients and water from the soil would transport up to the crown through the trunk in cells.

Then, we will share what to do with the fallen tree trunks in your yard. Actually, they are great materials for elements in your garden. 

Furthermore, the natural-inspired decorations will add some kind of rustic touch to space.

Turning the trunk into the focal point of your garden decoration is easy. However, there is time you have to be careful about it. 

Tree trunks can sometimes carry bacteria and diseases that could disturb the growth of their surrounding plants.

So, it is very important to check out the quality and condition of the trunks or stumps you are about to highlight. For using them creatively, check out the ideas below.

Tree Trunk Material

tree trunk material

These trunk materials offer several characteristics that may be different from one to another. Check them out.

Palm Trees

palm trees

Instead of getting rid of the dead or destroyed palm trees, you have in your yard, try to give them a new life. 

Well, palm trees are like a perfect focal point of a garden even though this part is just the trunk or stump.

For the record, one of the reasons why the palm trees are dead because of the pests like Red Palm Weevil, or Rynchophorus ferruginous. There are a few ideas to apply to the destroyed palm trees.

Flower Surroundings

There are several kinds of beautiful flowers to plant around the palm tree trunks. Therefore, it will turn the destroyed element into an amazing display of beauty. 

Climbers are recommended such as Honeysuckle, Bougainvillea, Wisteria, and Star Jasmine.


Making it as a planter or container made by nature is a great idea. First, simply dig out the top center part of the palm tree. 

Then, use a machine like a chainsaw to work the surface. Well, it will not be an easy operation, but you can still do it.

After that, dig a hole deep enough, fill it with good quality soil and a nice plant. 

If the tree is too high, plant the succulents. So, do not worry about regular watering. 

Just leave them that way, the plants would be okay. Moreover, the succulents like Pigface, Carpobrotus, and Lamphrantus are recommended.

How about having the tree trunk shorts? Well, succulents can still be a good choice but there are wider choices available. 

Besides, you can add Crassulas and Cotyledons as a succulent option. Then, the epiphyte plant can be a good species to consider. Do not forget to water them during the summer.

Oak Trees

oak trees

Many gardeners try to get rid of their dead oak trees because they might harm the surrounding plants. Otherwise, this kind of trunk is quite friendly for the garden. 

This trunk can be designed as both furniture and decoration. Also, it is a great choice of material for your outdoor space.

Creating a landscape beneath the mature oak trees is one of the available ideas you can try. If you have one in your yard, decide on the right plants that can handle growing under it.

If you wonder how fast do oak tree grow to see what mature oak trees like, we have an article abou it.

As we know, oak trees only need a little watering during the summer. If it gets the water too much, the diseases might hit and eventually kill them. 

So, it is important to find the right plants to live side by side with this magnificent and fragile tree.

You can choose the plants that can handle little water during summers such as Deer grass, Wild lilac, Creeping sage, California iris, Purple needlegrass, California sage, and Coral Bells.

Further, the summer watering problems become one of the reasons why a lot of homeowners have their oak trees destroyed by disease problems. 

Well, you can turn it into a piece of DIY furniture or some kind of decorations for a garden, the logs are a great choice of material.

Pine Trees

pine trees

Without a doubt, Pine trees are a great choice for a garden. This is the most evergreen that people can easily recognize. It is because of the characteristic of their leaves and large cones.

Pines provide a wide range of shrubs and trees that would suit many styles of garden. They even grow well almost in any condition or quality of the soil. Thus, you can enhance any garden with pine trees.

Moreover, botanists have divided pine trees into two big groups, European and Asian categories. It is according to the needle arrangement. 

Likewise, some of them have five needles on the branches and the others have two or three.

The five-needle trees have hardwood and the others have softer wood. Therefore, they are called hard pines and soft or white pines. 

According to experts, it makes sense to look at this kind of tree according to its origin.

In addition, if you have a pine tree stump sitting alone and unused in the yard, utilize it well. As said before, this kind of plant can add problems to your garden. 

So, you need to do some preparations for that. Before setting it up as part of the project, make sure to remove all the things around.

Use some kind of cultivator or sharp spade to do it. Do not forget to check the soil and dig it deep enough. Further, get some helps to make a measurement and detailed preparation.

Birch Trees

birch trees

Birches are great choices to be the center of attention in the garden. They provide a beautiful, papery bark that balances the scene. Also, the ghostly coloration becomes the highlight of this tree.

Indeed, it is such a popular choice for garden tree trunks that offers you its unique peeling bark, graceful shapes, white coloration, and small stature. 

However, this tree is quite short-lived which cause by pests such as borer beetles.

Additionally, there are actually over 60 species of birch trees out there. Here the 6 most favorite kinds that you might choose for your garden.

  • River Birch Trees (Betula Nigra)
  • Silver Birch Trees (Betula Pendula)
  • Gray Birch Trees (Betula Populifolia)
  • Paper Birch Trees (Betula Papyrifera)
  • Himalayan Birch Trees (Betula Utilis)
  • Erman’s Birch Trees (Betula Ermanii)

Those species of birch trees are perfect for landscape. Each of them gives a different vibe to your garden.

Cedar Trees

cedar trees

People can find cedar trees almost anywhere in the world with a mild to moderate climate. Besides, this evergreen type of tree has leaves that grow the entire year.

You can even know that there are cedar trees nearby because of their intense smell. Thereupon, it is one of the defining traits. These are 9 types of cedar trees.

  • Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica)
  • Deodar Cedar (C. deodara)
  • Cedar of Lebanon (C. Libani)
  • Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata)
  • Cyprus Cedar (C. Brevifolia)
  • Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana)
  • Northern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis)
  • Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata)
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Cupressus nootkatensis)

Then, each variety brings its distinct features. The way they grow, the color of the trunk and leaves, the origin, and many others.

Tree Trunk Decor

tree trunk decoration

Decorating a garden with a tree trunk can be an excellent idea to apply. Creating an astonishing scene in your backyard is not expensive. 

Sometimes, homeowners need to cut down trees and it leaves some trunks and stumps to deal with.

This part of the article will show you the reason why those tree’s leftovers will not useless after all. A great garden decor from a tree trunk is possible. 

Additionally, you can even create it with so many different results.

It can be cute and simple, or magnificent and spectacular depending on your taste. Here are some of the ideas to make use of the tree trunks as the focal point of your garden.

Table Base

tree trunk table base

From tree trunks or stumps, you can create a table for having dinner in the open air. Initially, ensure that the surface is flat. 

Make it as flat as possible with a help of a machine. Besides, opting for the proper materials should be a consideration.

After the trunks flat enough, it is time to decide the tabletop. The material of your choice should be something that could match the ambiance you want to create around your garden. 

For example, the salvaged wood look would be perfect for the rustic retreat concept.

Likewise, to get a classy or modern look, consider having a round glass tabletop. Also, concrete and metal material can be an option.


tree trunk bench

When it comes to garden elements, a bench becomes an easy option. Likewise, this item becomes the main furniture of every outdoor space. 

You can make it by carving the tree stump or building it from scratch with materials from the trunks.

Also, if you are skillful enough in carving, the tree stump would definitely become a great space to enjoy the scenery of the garden.

If carving is not your world of art, you can choose to have the tree trunks cut into boards. Then, create some kind of long chairs or bench as part of your garden stop.

Coffee Table

tree trunk coffee tabe

Besides being a great base, a tree trunk would also make an amazing coffee table for both outdoor and indoor space. 

It adds more elegance or a rustic vibe to the living room. Then, choose the right material for the ambiance.

Also, a stump coffee table could add an elegant vibe of nature to the garden space. You just need a tree trunk slice that is big enough for your furniture. 

Furthermore, the base and legs can come from the same material or the others.


tree trunk stool

This type of furniture will complete the outdoor living space you have planned to build with the coffee table. Thus, the stool can be the easiest one since it does not need carving at all. 

Additionally, ensure that each stool is steady enough to sit on.

Further, if you want to be more complicated in design, prepare to give more effort to build it. The stool is actually an important element of outdoor living rooms. 

Wherefore, a coffee table will not be useful without its seats.


tree trunk chair

It is slightly different with stool. Otherwise, it is called a chair when you can lean your back relaxingly while having a seat on it. 

Also, giving a decorative design to a chair would elevate the beauty of your garden. Consider uniquely carve the back and sides.

Furthermore, create a relaxing spot for enjoying the view accompanied by a favorite book and a cup of hot beverages. Chainsaws can come into play in creating this work of art.


tree trunk planter

Whether you want to have the tree trunk as furniture, a planter is the only choice. Of course, any kind of wood is a suitable element for every garden in the world. 

In addition, it just adds the element of nature into a natural scene.

Indeed, this trunk can be a great base for any sort of pots, containers, or planters. It can even be the planter itself. Any kind of trees mentioned above is available as options.

Further, it can just be a focal element that has all the plants and flowers around the trunks. Otherwise, put some soil on it and plant some colorful flowers.


Finally, decorating a garden with a tree trunk or stump is a great recommendation to follow. If the materials are ready in your yard, choose the right idea and prepare all the tools. 

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