13 Gorgeous Flower Vase Shape

Flower Vase is not just a place to put your flowers. With the right vase, it will show the beauty of the flower to make it more attractive to display it somewhere, such as an event, a gift or just to decorate your room. 

Flower Vase Factors

To choose the right vase, there are some factors you have to know such as Shape, Vase Volume, Vase Height, Material, Color, and also Formality. From all this, the shape is the most important factor to choose the perfect  vase for your flowers. It will help to get a beautiful display from your flowers. Also, besides that, the size of the flowers are matters as well. The right size of the flowers should be not more than two times the height of the vase. See our retaining wall ideas too for combining the look.

Flower Vase Shape Materials

After knowing the vase factors, the next step you have to acknowledge is vase shape materials. There are some  vase shape materials such as glass, metal, steel, and wood.  

1. Crystal

A crystal vase shows luxury and elegance. It is a perfect gift to shows that you care and love deeply to someone. 

2. Glass

A glass vase shows beauty and freshness as a bouquet.


3. Wood

Using a wood vase will give you a natural look and view. Using this wood material will make people focus on the flower since they can’t see the stems. 

4. Metal 

Metal vases only are great for outside entertainment since it has their durability for that reason. It also will make the flowers looks elegant. 

Flower Vase Shape 

1. Cylinder Flower Vase

Cylinder Vase is perfect to decorate a table, bookshelf, or guest room. It gives a simple and beautiful effect to anyone who sees it. A flower that matches with a cylinder vase has to have a long stem such as orchids and roses to give a luxury theme as well. It doesn’t matter how many flowers you put, if it is used cylinder vase, it still looks gorgeous. This vase will look good if filled with orange flower.

2. Rustic Flower Vase

Rustic Vase can handle heavy flowers. The perfect place to put a rustic  vase is in the kitchen or on a window. A rustic vase gives a playful effect and informal. Flamingo flower is a match with this vase, maybe you should try it.

3. Milk Bottle Flower Vase

If you looking for something that looks entertaining, you absolutely can use a milk bottle vase. For this vase, choose flowers with long stems. Putting some flowers will be nicer and more elegant. This vase best with black flowers type.

4. Mason Flower Vase

This type of shape for a vase is really nice if you want to put it on the dining table. It gives you vintage and also modern style. Once you use a mason vase as your choice, you can put some design on it such as give a ribbon to make it more vintage.

5. Bouquet Flower Vase

Bouquet Vase is a perfect match if you want to give a gift to someone special. it can hold a lot of flowers in it. To use 

this bouquet vase, make sure to choose long stems for the flowers so it will show the beauty from the flowers. 

6. Ceramic Flower Vase

Ceramic Vase is the most fun vase. This vase, you can decorate as creative as you can depend on the decor of the place. You can choose the color, the shape, the design for the ceramic vase. 

7. Cube Flower Vase

Cube Vase gives an aromatic effect. You can put it as decoration beside the bookshelf, on the coffee tables, romantic dinner or a wedding day. With the shape and perfect type of flowers, it will change the whole aura in the room. 

8. Trumpet Flower Vase

Image Source : Volusion

A perfect vase for a wedding day! This shape of vase will looks amazing on a wedding day and will not gonna limit the conversation between all the guest since trumpet vase made from glass or crystal and have a narrow neck.

9. Amphora Flower Vase

A unique  vase shape comes from Greek. An amphora vase has two handles and gives you historical themes. 

10. Pail Vase

Pail vase shape has a similar design to a mason vase. It will give everyone who sees it a simple and warm theme. It is perfect for home decor especially the one that has a farmhouse theme-house. Pail  Vase looks unique and good for bouquets. 

11. Pedestal Flower Vase

A perfect vase for big weddings and dinner parties. Pedestal Vases are easily decorated by theme or seasonally so they will match with your events. Red and pink roses look nice for this pedestal  vase. 

12. Bud Vase

If you are looking for a small bouquet, a bud vase is a good match. It is simple and has a minimalist style. A tablescape is a perfect place to put this little bud vase. It won’t cover the conversation. 

13. Bowl Vase

These bowl vases are a unique choice if you want to have a beautiful and artistic bouquet of flowers. For this bowl vase, calm color choices of flowers would be perfect. 


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