How to Save Watermelon Seeds Efficiently?

In this post, I’m going to share with you how to save watermelon seeds, so you can grow new watermelons the following year. You know I love watermelon. Here’s a great way of how to save watermelon seeds.

You probably have a few watermelons in your freezer, and if you do, you can make sure to always have some watermelon available to add to your next fruit salad. That is, if you know how to save watermelon seeds.But, is it a god idea?

It’s easy to grow watermelons every year by saving the seeds. Here is how to do it.

1. Clean The Watermelon Seeds

How to Save Watermelon Seeds

First, look for flesh on the seeds. If you see any, take a vegetable brush and gently scrub the watermelon seeds clean under running water. Then, spread your seeds out on layer of paper towels. After that, allow them to dry overnight. While it may seem like a lot of hard work, washing watermelon seeds is actually a very crucial step in the process that ensures they germinate in a much more successful manner.

To make it easy this is the step how to clean the watermelon seeds:

1. You will need to wash the watermelon seeds. Use warm water, and clean them with your hands.

2. From here, you can remove all the excess water using a towel or a paper towel.

3. Then, you need to peel off the outer layer of the watermelon seeds with a knife.

2. Avoid Seeds Germination

Spread the clean seeds evenly on a paper towel. Leave them alone for a day or two as they dry out completely. This will extend the life of the seed, improve their germination rates, and get everything in tip-top shape again.

Seed germination can be described as the process of the fundamental growth of different types of plants from a substantially identical seed into a plant. This process influences both how many crops you produce and their quality.

This is what you can do to avoid seeds germination:

1. Keep your seeds in a place where there is no heat and moisture as it can destroy the quality of the seeds and thus hamper the growth of plant.

2. Make sure to take proper care of seeds when watering them put some water in a cup pour the seeds in it so that air reaches them you can also use some kind of filter with the seeds.

3. It is necessary to provide air to your seeds to allow for the process of germination which requires oxygen,

3. Dry Seeds In Container Or Plastic Bag

Dry Seeds In Container Or Plastic Bag

The seeds should be completely dried before you store them. The best way to speed up the drying process is to use a fan to circulate air in the room in which you are hanging the seedheads.

It is best to keep seeds in a paper bag or envelope. Avoid storing seed in plastic bags or airtight jars as moisture will cause the seed to spoil and ruin the sample. Always store the seed in a dry place when possible.

4. Keep Monitoring Seeds

Ok good, now your seeds have been stored in a perfectly great place. It’s important to write a note or a table to mark the days. Write the time you put seeds inside a container or plastic bag and the expected time to open them.

It will help you keep the data and observe the result for future activity on saving watermelon seeds on your container. Surely, your success rate for storing them will increase as you well aware of the situation.

Maybe it’s a little far for how to save watermelon seeds but it’s a good practice to keep monitoring them.

5. Keep Seeds Container in Cool And Dry Area

Keep Seeds Container in Cool And Dry Area

If you want to grow a garden the following year, you should store container seeds in a cool, dry place. Store them in a dry room or one that’s temperature controlled. Air circulation will prevent mold from forming. Remove any seeds that look broken or damaged because they won’t germinate.

Here are the tips if you want to keep seeds inside the container safe:

1. If you live in a humid area, find a spot in your home with low relative humidity. A basement or an attic is ideal. A cupboard that is not insulated and not exposed to direct sunlight is also a good spot for storing seeds.

2. Make sure the temperature does not get too hot or too cold. Seeds need to be stored at temperatures between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit (5 C and 7C).

3. Safeguard your seeds against rodents, birds, and other bugs.

That’s all the simple way of how to save watermelon seeds. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to keep seeds quality and we expected it can be saved for weeks or months.

We know that many factors can be caused some seeds to keep in good condition but we can make the prevention with the method above. For your information, we have covered an article about how to grow watermelon, check out our articles to start to grow them.

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