What Does Guava Taste Like? Smell and Best Ways To Eat

What does guava taste like?

If you have never tasted guava or you have tasted one but no other types, this question my spring up firstly on your mind.

So you have no more reason not to track down our article discussing all about guava and its taste. 

Well, guava is a kind of tropical fruit with the delicious taste. It often becomes a personal favorite to many of people who have tried it.

If you are wondering how its taste like, nothing to wonder. It has been given an attractive pink pulp along with the aromatic smell from the outside.

Remember, none will know this fruit’s taste unless he/she has tried. 

In general, guavas are mostly growing in areas with the tropical and subtropical climates.

These fruits are native to Mexico, northern South Africa and Central America.

Popularly, many people eat guava as raw fruit. However, the fruit can also be used to make a variety of food items such as jams, juices, desserts, salads and et cetera. 

Now this article is going to present all about guava leading to answer; what does guava taste like.

Take your time and find the valuable information to convince you how beneficial this fruit is. 

What Is Guava?

What Is Guava?

Guava has its latin name which is Psidium Guajava. It is a type of tropical fruit and classified as the member of myrtle family of trees. 

There are some different types of guavas. Those differences are based on their color and shape as well as the flavor.

Usually, guava comes with the oval shape along with the rough outer skin and a typical aromatic fragrance. 

The common types of guavas include the tropical yellow, tropical white, tropical pink, Red Malaysian and lemon guava.

An unripe guava typically has green out skin. But once it gets ripening, it changes its color onto yellowish or pinkish. And the inside part of the fruit is also pink. 

When a guava has ripened, one sign to tell you is its smell. Ripe guavas have a sweet fragrance that becomes deeper as it ripens further.

The texture of a ripe guava is recognized by the softer skin and the tender flesh.

When you eat a ripe guava, surely you will feel like you are eating papaya.

In addition to the texture, this tropical fruit is crunchy, grainy and pear-like texture. 

How Guava Turns its Colors 

How Guava Turns its Colors 

Guava turns its color when it gets ripe. Green is the color when it is unripe.

However, the fruits turns its color to yellow or orange or other color depending on the type of the fruits. 

The tropical pink guava turns to a bright yellow along with the beautiful pinkish glow inside.

The Mexican Cream guava turns its color to creamy white with the yellowish-red flesh.

The tropical white guava has a similar color with the Mexican Cream that change its color to white skin and yellow flesh when ripe. 

The red Malaysian guava typically has red skin and pink flesh when ripe.

This is a unique look offered by the fruit, making it used as ornaments.

Meanwhile, the lemon guava which is the smaller varieties has a yellow hue both outside and inside. 

What Does Guava Taste Like? 

Wondering what guavas taste like? Imagine you are eating strawberry, pear and mango all at the same time, well, it is the taste of guava.

Truly, guava fruit taste is just like a combination of strawberry, pear and mango taste. It is sweet when it is ripe. 

Meanwhile, an unripe guava will taste sour and the outer skin will also have a sweet-sour taste.

Several varieties of guava has sweet taste. It has even a taste like a cross between pear and grapefruit together. 

Ripe guavas is also like sniffing. Its sweet aromatic fragrance will be released and its softer feel will be recognized once the fruit gets ripe.

The pulp inside is certainly juicy and soft. It feels more like papaya when you chew it inside your mouth without the seeds.

However, this tropical fruit can go bad too fast, therefore, you need to refrigerate it right after plucking it. 

There are some immense health benefits offered by Guavas as a tropical fruit. Those are vitamin C, potassium, fiber and antioxidants.

Further, it also has some medical properties to offer. So, they can be used as health supplements. Believe it or not, the guavas’ leaves are considered having anti-cancer properties

Another thing to know about guava is the fact that the fruit has a higher nutritional value than the other fruits such as persimmons when they are grown and cultivated in a same condition.

In addition to the benefits of guavas’ properties for health supplement, the high levels of fiber and potassium contained in guavas are recognized to improve the health of the human’s heart.

Moreover, guavas are also known to be able to help lower the levels of cholesterol and control the levels of blood sugar. 

The Best Way To Eat Guava 

Now that you know more about guava dealing with the question; what does guava taste like?, it’s likely that you want to try the fruit, is it?

Well, this is the time when you need to check out how to eat guava correctly. 

Due to the versatility of the fruits, you can pick it up and combine it well with a lot of dishes.

Actually, there are so many ways to eat guava but the eating the fruit raw and as a whole is considered the best way. 

Truly, eating guava raw will enable you to fully exploit all of its benefits. This way, you can simply add salt and pepper on top of the fruit to add some more flavor.

However, if you do not like this technique to much, there are still other ways to eat and enjoy it more. 

Eat Raw Guava 

If you want to eat raw guava, it is much recommended to sprinkle some salt on the fruit’s top. This is aimed to enhance the fruit’s flavor.

Make sure you clean it by a good rinse and check out whether or not there is a worm inside.

In fact, worms love to stay in raw guava.

Have a quick check before you bring the fruit into your mouth. 


Juice Guava

Have you never tasted guava juice? Trust me, guava juice taste very great. It gas lots of nutrients. The juice is thick and pulpy.

If you would like to have some healthy nutrients for your body, just don’t hesitate to pick up guava and make it smoothies and nutritious shake or you can even make fresh candy that can be a fantastic choice for kids.

It is also good for adults especially if you add guava in making refreshing guava mint cocktail. 



If you really like eating salads for your fresh meal, guava is just a good addition.

You can simply cut slices of fresh guavas in your salads. Voila! It gives a low-calorie diet. 

Jams and Desserts 

Jams and Desserts

How can we think of making jams from guava? Is it possible? Why not?

Pectin is a thickening agent of this fruit, making it a great option to make jams and fruit pastes as well.

Guava jams and dessert also taste great along with vanilla ice cream and pastries. 

Though it sounds ridiculous to have a jam flavored in guava, trust me that it offers a fantastic aroma to add on the toast along with the crackers and bagels.

In this way, every type of bread can use guava jam along with the peanut butter for a yummy and delicious taste. 

Guava Toping 

Love ice cream? So why don’t you give it a tropical flair by topping it with ripe guava slices? Any ice cream or Sunday can be actually topped by guava slices for a delicious option. 

Precaution for Consuming Raw Guavas 

There is a precaution that you must take into consideration before consuming the fruit raw.

Well, this way you must make sure that you cut the fruit into half and check for any worms that may stay inside. This is because it is too common to find worms inside the fruit. 

What Does Guava Smell Like? 

Once you know the taste of guava as we have described above, the next question that may spring up on your mind would be; what does guava smell like?. 

Some people say that guava has a fantastic smell.

The riper it is, the stronger its aroma would be. The level of aroma typically depends on the guava’s types.

This way, there are some different types of guava as follows: 

  • The tropical pink guava has actually a mildly sweet flavor and super strong aroma. It has smooth texture or coarse. 
  • The tropical yellow guava has the sweetest flavor among the other types of guavas. It is mainly used as an ingredients to make a dessert. 
  • The tropical white guava tastes like most guavas but it is juicier than any other varieties. So if you ask me; what does white guava taste like?, you can clearly know that it has the most common taste like most guavas.
  • The red Malaysian guava offers a mild sweetness. However, it is more common to be used as decoration. 
  • The lemon guava comes with the strong lemon aroma. It has also the delicate balance of tangy and sweetness. 

Regardless the varieties of guavas, one thing to keep in mind is that you must be careful of seeds. In this case, the seeds edible but it could be tough.

Sometimes they are small but not too small so you must avoid eating them.

When the seeds are small, you can either eat them or steer clear. 

The Best Way to Store Guava 

So you have guava trees in your garden and it comes to harvest them yet you don’t know how to store them, well, here is the way to go. 

Prior to think of storing it, figure out that proper storage for guava is much depending on what stage they are in the process of ripening.

If the fruits are still firm, just let them sit on the counter for several days until they get ripe. 

However, if you want them to ripe fast, you still have an option.

Place the fruits in a pepper bag along with the other fruits such as banana or apple. These fruits will help release a natural ripening agent named ethylene when the fruits are ripen. This way, your guava will get ripen faster. 

Once you see that your guavas are ripe, place them in a plastic or paper bag. After that, you can store it in the crisper drawer of your fridge.

Why do we use paper bag? Truly, paper bag will shield the fruits from contact with the other fruits. It will also prevent the fruits from ripening too fast. 

One thing to remember is that you must not keep the fruits too long in the fridge.

It will just cause them to shorten their lifespan. Just be sure to eat them within 4 days.

However, if you want to keep the longer, try to freeze them.

Though it’s little bit complicated, the technique is considered effective. You can do it by peeling the fruits first and make a simple syrup.

Later, you can keep it in an airtight container and pour it over them until they are submerged. 

Finally you can freeze and enjoy for up to 4 months and even for a year. 

Final Words 

Finally, we can conclude that guava is a type of tropical fruit offering lots of nutrients.

This tropical fruit is commonly found in most parts of the world especially the areas with the warm temperature and weather. 

Guava tastes sweet and offers nutritious components which are much beneficial to human health. Truly, it comes with the properties that contribute to improve some health problem in human.

As tropical fruit, guava can be consumed in many ways. It makes a delectable treat all the time. 

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