How to Care Purple Waffle

People have known purple waffle as red ivy, with the botanical name Hemigraphis alternata. You might know that purple waffle flowers are pure white, with dark or dark-green leaves around. People do like this flower because of the air-purifying characteristic. Hence, it uses a lot in the office or personal room whether as a decoration or collection.

With that of the intro, we will cover the rest of the purple waffle start from habitat, how we care, benefits, etc. Please stay tuned.

What is a Purple Waffle ?

Purple Waffle Plant is the other name of Hemigraphis Alternata. One the easiest hemigraphis to grow and also low maintenance plant. This plant really famous in Indonesia and India and it has a nice fragrance to put in at the office or inside the room.

Purple Waffle Plant also called the Metal Leaf plant, Red Flame Ivy, and Red Ivy in some countries in Asia. A purple waffle plant has long stems that reach 12 inches to 24 inches but only has 6 – 8 inches for their height.

Hemigraphis Alternate is perfect for anyone who just started to learn how to grow a plant because aside from it is low maintenance, they also pet-friendly. It not a toxic plant or poisonous. Purple waffle plants always soak in bright indirect light but no direct sun. If this happens, hemigraphis alternate may lose their purple colors and start to fade.

Habitats of Purple Waffle Plants

Picture by Koshan Ishikawa – Pinterest

This plant needs constantly moist soil and also enough water to keep flowing freely to the bottom of the pot where you put the purple waffle plants. For a humidity preference, hemigraphis alternate loves to be misted, especially if you do it daily. This plant needs to be treated this way, especially during the winter season when the air is very dry around them. This kind of way will also keep the pets away from purple waffle plants.

Once you grow hemigraphis alternate , you have to keep the temperatures between 50 – 80 degrees and the best solution is to keep it consistent since it will make them grow faster. Inconsistent temperatures will damage the leaves.

Fun Fact

The fun fact of purple waffle plants is they will let you know when they are thirsty. They will let you know by showing a completely limp and wilted from their plants. 

Purple Waffle Benefit

Air Purifying

Purple waffle are known as one of the optimum air-purifying for indoor and outdoor. They may get rid of inconsistent all-natural materials including decane, benzene, and octane.

Furthermore, these vegetations may additionally sanitize the air from various other VOC compounds like methylene chloride, trichloroethylene, and also hexane that usually offer inside your home.


Garden enthusiasts typically utilize these herbaceous perennials as houseplants because they can increase interior appeal. You can position purple waffle as low-maintenance seasonal in addition to your workplace desk, room side table, or on the kitchen counter top to make these rooms look more striking.

As a result of its small measurement as well as slow-growing habit, individuals have a tendency to expand it as a groundcover for areas under something like a Ficus tree. Besides, you can also utilize them to enhance other flowering vari

How do taking care of them?

Picture by National Gardening Association

First, keep in your mind that the purple waffle plant is a sensitive plant, which is you have to really take care of the humidity, temperature, and also the light for them. But they are the best choice if you are a beginner on gardening.

Since this plant is nontoxic plant, you don’t have to worry about it will hurt you or your pets. The only thing you have to make sure is when the root of hemigraphis alternate develops, it means the plant is overwatered and you have to reduce the amount of water you give to the plants.  Also once the roots have filled the existing pot, you have to move the plant to the other size of pots so it will keep growing. Once this happens, it means your plant is healthy. 

Second, protecting purple waffle plants when it’s the winter season. This plant originally comes from Asia countries, it means they are not used to the winter season / cold weather. This is why you have to bring the pot inside / indoors before the temperatures drop below freezing and if this happened, the plants will not survive.

Third, provide the right fertilizer for them. For this one, you can use 1 gallon of water mix with ½ teaspoon of houseplant fertilizer. You have to do this at least every two weeks in the summer and spring seasons so once the fall and winter seasons come, it doesn’t require fertilization anymore. 

The last one is always taking care of the damaged leaves and stems since it will disturb their growth. It’s the same way we taking care of majesty palm.

Wrong-Way to Grow your Purple Waffle Plants

So many people thought that it was wise or beautiful to put purple waffle underwater. For example in an aquarium. The truth is this plant can’t grow properly and can’t survive for so long because they need a flow freely water to their stems. The proper way to grow this plan is still to put them on the pot

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