Confederate Jasmine: Characteristic, Growing, and Care

Have you heard about Confederate Jasmine? It sounds so classy, isn’t it?

A Confederate Jasmine is a species of flowering in the family Apocynaceae. This beautiful flower originally comes from native to eastern and southeastern Asia, such as Japan, Korea, Southern China, and Vietnam. We can be called it Star Jasmine or Trachelospermum Jasminoides. This plant also has some other common names like Chinese Star Jasmine, Southern Jasmin, Confederate Jessamine.  

Characteristic of Confederate Jasmine 

charasteristic of cenfedrate jasmine

Trachelospermum Jasminoides or Star Jasmine, have 9 m for the height and 5 m for the wide. For this part, you can always try to keep them in shape or build their boundaries, and it will go as high and as wide as you want. 

For sun exposure, star jasmine needs full sun or partial shade. Aside from that, this plant needs a well-drained / light/sandy soil type. For hardiness, it’s hardy to zone 8 and can take temperatures down to 10 degrees F. This plant adapts well to both heat and cold but it prefers heat. Also, if it’s cold, you have to concern about their watering and fertilizer to kept them alive and grow. 

How To Grow Confederate Jasmine

If you are interested to grow star jasmine, you can put it inside a sheltered spot with drained soil inside it. The next step is you have to water them regularly and also give a soil every once a week especially during the growing season. Increasing the watering during extremely hot or dry periods is the best option but still, be aware and keep the soil dry between the waterings. 

Confederate Jasmine can grow in pots or containers. Once you choose this as the place to grow your confederate jasmine, it might require watering several times a week. To know when is the best time to do watering is when you check that the top inch of soil becomes dry. 

For fertilization, confederate jasmine/star jasmine can grow well with 10 – 10 -10 fertilizer. To do this, you can try to spread the fertilizer around the base of the plant. Make sure that the plant is in the right direction and not against the lower branches. Then you can start water the fertilizer into the ground after applying it. 

Where to Grow Confederate Jasmine / Star Jasmine

For the best growing star jasmine, you can put them in well-drained soil under the full sun or partial shade. Star Jasmine doesn’t need a lot of winds and also needs protection from the cold. This plant needs some supports to grow in the desired direction. The unique thing is star jasmine doesn’t require deep soil to grow well, you can just put them in pots and it will grow perfectly. 

How To Care Confederate Jasmine

howTo care confederate jasmine

Trachelospermum or confederate jasmine need to get their fertilizer and watering regularly as per the explanation above. But aside from that, in the winter, these plants don’t need a lot of watering. 

To care about this plant, you have to trim off any overgrown vines to help Confederate Jasmine maintain their shape and boundaries. This plant is one of the plants that need your help to grow in the correct direction. After this step, you can remove any yellow or dead leaves you can find and also remove the broken branches. This can happen anytime, you have to check regularly throughout the year.

Another thing that needs to do is you can wrap these plant vines around the trellis, arbor, or another surface you want to train them to maintain the shape and boundaries. After that, the vines will grow along the surface. It just needs a little help from you.

Same with other plants, Confederate Jasmine also has bugs around them. To avoid this one, spray the vines regularly (at least once a week) with insecticidal soap until the pets are gone. For some insects, you can just spray the oil between late winter and early summer. Why on this time? It because this time or seasons are the active time for insects. After you spray them, star jasmine will mostly resistant to most diseases. 

When To Grow a Confederate Jasmine

To prune confederate jasmine, the best time is spring or fall. This is because f the weather is the perfect time for them to grow. The plants will easier to settle since the weather in the afternoon might warm and the evenings are cooler. 

If you live in Asian countries or hot season countries, you can also grow a Confederate Jasmine, but need to make sure that the plant gets the watering as much as it needs during the week. 

When to Prune a Confederate Jasmine

pruning a confederate jasmine

The best time to prune this plant is after flowering time. To do this, you need to be careful since it might irritate you because of their ooze out a milky sap. You have to clean the pruners after doing the prune because they are covered by the dried sticky sap. It can be pruned heavily, like as a border plant or lightly, like when grown. 

Is Confederate Jasmine Poisonous?

Some research comes with the same results. Confederate Jasmine isn’t poisonous for humans also animals and no toxic effects. This result has been confirmed after some research on birds, cats, dogs, horses, livestock, and human with putting them and make them interact with it. 


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