5 Best Plant Identification Apps 2022 (REVIEW)

The presence of the best free plant identification app 2022 can be useful for you if you are passionate about plants. When you stroll around the park or explore wildlife, you commonly have no idea about the plants you discover. This app will help you to identify species of plants that you previously didn’t know.

Getting to know the plants in our surroundings can be an interesting hobby to keep us connected with nature. Hence, if you are installing this app on your device like a smartphone, it will be easier for you to find their specific name when you need to. Some of the apps also inform you how to take care of them.

5 Options for Best Free Plant Identification App 2022

There are numerous apps for plant identification. Some of them are paid while some others can be used for free. If you want to know more about plants in your surroundings without requiring a cost, you can try some of the following great apps.

1. iNaturalist


Supported by more than 1 million scientists, biologists, and naturalists, iNaturalist is a famous app that helps users to identify plants based on photos they upload. To use this app, you only need to upload a picture of the plant. Other users of this app will help you to discover the name of that plant.

Launched in 2008, iNaturalist is available in the form of an app and online website. It belongs to the extensive plant identification currently used by people. This app offers free use for iPhone, other iOS devices, and Android users.

Many plant communities highly recommend it to those who are interested in plants. Although some users experience that the looks and vibe of using iNaturalist is a bit obsolete, it has still become one of the most appreciated plant identification tool options used by people.

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2. PlantNet


PlantNet is another best free plant identification app 2022 that plant enthusiasts can take benefit from. Freely available for both iOS and Android users, it comes with a large database where users can submit plant photos to identify them. Its large community will help users to recognize the plant photos submitted.

Besides its availability for users’ photo submission, this app also immediately provides its users with photos of plants from all different places in the world. This will help users to learn more about plants from other countries so it is suitable for worldwide plant identification. It is supported with an attractive interface too.

However, there are some issues experienced by the users and it can be a great reason for its improvements in the future. Some users go through bugs after submitting photos and identifying the plants. Some others get an error message when trying to identify the plants from the photos they are taken.

Despite those issues, PlantNet has still become one of the apps for plant identification free which is reliable to use if you are interested in a green world not just in your surroundings.

3. PlantSnap


When hearing the name of this app perhaps you will think about a social media app, Snapchat because both of them have quite similar names. Both PlantSnap and Snapchat work together to help their users identify over 600 thousand plants. It is also available in more than 30 different languages.

Aside from becoming the best free plant identification app 2022, PlantSnap also comes in a premium version. That’s why the best features of this app can only be experienced by users who take advantage of the paid version. Although the amount of features in a free version is more limited, it works highly accurately.

It also comes with a simple interface so people can use the app easily, especially with the presence of a neat tutorial that will guide them through the paces. It is supported with community features that allow the users to connect with other plant enthusiasts worldwide and share everything about plants.

4. PictureThis


PictureThis is also the best free plant identification app 2022 worth trying since it provides a 98 percent level of accuracy to recognize more than 17.000 plants. Although it focuses on identifying cultivated plants and providing plant care, it is completely easy to use.

You just need to snap a photo of a plant and use the scanner. The app informs top possibilities of plant species with their photos. Once it has successfully identified the plant, it presents extensive information about the plant including its basic care requirements, folklore, symbolism, and pet safety for some plants.

This information can be highly beneficial for those who learn about plants. By just snapping a photo of your houseplant, this app helps to diagnose the plant’s problem like when it suffers from a disease.

It gives information about the causes of the diseases along with treatments to make them healthy. You also can set plans for care for your houseplants and reminders for watering and fertilization.

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5. GardenAnswers


GardenAnswers is another best free plant identification app 2022 that you can try since its database comprises more than 20.000 plants. As you take a plant that you can’t recognize and process it through this app, it will present you with numerous possibilities that are similar to the plant in the photo.

This is how users are likely to use GardenAnswers for free to help identify unknown species of plants. If they are not satisfied with the results, they can try the premium feature by paying an additional fee. This feature allows a horticulturist to take a look and help recognize the plant.

Not just consisting of tens of thousands of plant identifications, the database of this app also provides answers to 200.000 commonly asked questions about plants.

Its simple interface enables people to use the app easily although it appears to be less aesthetic than its counterparts and contains paid features to unlock.

The best free plant identification app 2022 should be on your device if you are passionate about plants. It not only helps you to identify the plants you don’t know but also provides extensive information about them. It will make it easier to take care of houseplants and connect with other people in plant communities.

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