Dracaena Lemon Lime: How to Grow and Care

Dracaena lemon lime is a plant of medium size. This houseplant has board leaves that look striking. The leaves also have lime and white green edges and a darker green shade in the middle. The stripes on the leaves make the plant looks stunning and eye-catching.

If you are interested in planting this houseplant and using it to beautify your interior, make sure you know how to grow the plant properly. There are several things you should learn before you start growing the plant inside the house. Find everything about growing dracaena successfully on this page.

Propagate Dracaena Lemon Lime and Care for It Properly

Dracaena is a wonderful plant that can grow stunningly. This plant can reach 20 feet tall. When you grow the plant inside the house, it will stay between 4 and 6 feet tall. At first, the plant will look small and compact. But when it grows, it becomes more linear. Learn some growing tips below.

1. Light requirements

Light requirements

Dracaena is an adaptable plant. it can grow in low light conditions. However, it also loves bright indirect light instead of direct light. You should keep your dracaena plant away from direct sunlight unless you want the plant’s leaves to get damaged from the excess sunlight.

If your dracaena gets too much direct sunlight, the plant’s leaves will turn yellow or fade. Though the plant can grow in a super light condition, it is much better not to place the plant in a location that has very low light since it can cause some leaf problems like the leaves becoming thin and wrinkled.

2. Watering dracaena lemon lime

Watering dracaena lemon lime

This special houseplant requires a low watering level. Dracaena is the best plant if you often forget to water your plants or if you are always on the run. This plant allows you to forget the watering schedule sometimes. Dracaena has fairly good water resistance properties.

Infrequent watering is not going to be a serious issue for this houseplant. Dracaena is also a drought-resistant plant. This plant is sensitive to overwatering. Overwatering the plant will cause root rot that may kill your favorite plant.

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3. Humidity and temperature

Humidity and temperature

To grow small dracaena lemon lime inside the house, you need to make sure that the interior has an ideal temperature for the plant. This beautiful plant will grow properly in a room where the temperature is between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures near or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit are not recommended for dracaena lemon lime. It is crucial to keep your dracaena inside the house, especially when the weather outside is inhospitable for the plant. dracaena enjoys higher humidity but it will grow indoors with normal humidity.

4. Soil type

Soil type

Dracaena lemon lime needs soil that contains a bunch of organic material and that is also well-drained. Use a peaty mix to improve drainage. Since the plant may be overwatered easily, the soil you choose must offer well drainage for the roots and should be able to prevent waterlogging.

Root rot will kill your plant easily. Keep in mind that rotting can happen before any symptom appears. It is much better to be careful in choosing the best potting mix for your dracaena.

5. Fertilizing your dracaena

Fertilizing your dracaena

To enjoy dracaena lemon lime benefits, you need to fertilize the plant. Dracaena isn’t a heavy feeder. However, this plant will benefit from some light feeding. To fertilize the plant, you need to consider using weak houseplant fertilizers. You can also use slow-release fertilizer for this plant.

Fertilize your plant only in spring and summer during its growing season. If you use liquid fertilizer, dilute the fertilizer at half strength before applying the fertilizer twice a month.

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6. Propagating your dracaena

Propagating your dracaena

The best way to propagate dracaena lemon lime is by using its stem cutting. You should choose a node that is between 4 and 6 inches. Cut the stem by using a clean blade. Stimulate the development of the root by applying a rooting hormone at the end of the cutting.

Then, plant your dracaena cutting in potting soil that has a well-draining system. Make sure the soil is already moistened before planting the cutting. Use a clear plastic to cover it and you will get a greenhouse effect. This way, you will also stimulate the rooting plastic.

7. Pruning dracaena’s bush

Pruning dracaena’s bush

The plant can grow up to 2.1 meters or 7 feet tall. This plant can also produce bare and long stems. It is essential to prune the plant if you want to keep this dracaena lemon lime contained. Pruning will also give the plant a bushy look.

Start pruning this plant when you see the stem is one foot or 30 cm tall. The right time to prune dracaena is in spring. This time, you will allow the plant to produce some new growth during the rest of its growing season. To start pruning, sterilize your blade first by using rubbing alcohol.

And then cut the green stems’ tips, and make your cut between two leaves. If the plant needs some more serious trims, cut off the plant’s entire top. The bare stem is going to produce buds to grow into lateral stems.

8. Common pests

Common pests

Mealybugs, scale, and spider mites can trouble your beautiful dracaena lemon lime on rare occasions. To remove those pests from the plant, spray your dracaena’s leaves with a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water. Repeat this treatment once a week for a whole month.

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9. The plant’s common problems

The plant’s common problems

Brown tips are the most common problem faced by dracaena. Brown tips indicate that you are using tap water that is too hard. The chlorine and fluoride in the tap water damage the leaves of dracaena. You are recommended to water the plant with rainwater, filtered, or distilled water instead of tap water.

Dracaena lemon lime grows easily inside your home. Just make sure you know what the plant needs and fulfill its needs properly. After learning everything about this plant from the details above, try to grow your dracaena lemon lime at home successfully. Follow the rules above and your plant will grow beautifully.

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